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'The Lifeguard' 6' 2", 195 lbs
Chad is a collegiate athlete, lifeguard, and a former scholastic wrestler and his body shows it. He sports massive legs, a tiny waist, ripped abs, and impressive biceps, all topped off by shaggy blond hair that makes him one bad ass on campus. He thinks he's ready to challenge the other muscle studs on the roster, we'll see!
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Zack Johnathan vs Chad Daniels
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Zack's money making muscles and Chad's lifeguard beach bod clash in a battle of the bodies...
Austin Cooper vs Chad Daniels
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Sexy blond lifeguard Chad challenges burly red head Austin in a battle of muscle beach...
Chad Daniels vs Blake Keller
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It's no day at the beach when lifeguard Chad and his hot golden bod challenges the tall ripped titan Blake...
Dash Decker vs Chad Daniels
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Chad and his all-American collegiate body likes his chances against big bodybuilder Dash...
Alex Waters vs Chad Daniels
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Will Alex navigate the waters against lifeguard Chad to climb back to the top of the roster...
Chad Daniels vs Ethan Andrews
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Ethan sadistically pounds and punishes every muscle on Chadís red hot beach bod...
Wes Richards vs Chad Daniels
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Will the outlaw Wes go all wild, wild extreme on Chadís stunning beach bod...
Tanner Hill vs Chad Daniels
Download Price $18.95

One of these blond studs is knocked out and unconscious with the winner drenched in sweat and victorious...
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