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'The Talker'  6', 155 lbs
Gage is an up-and-coming MMA fighter and stunt man who submitted his pics and resume asking for a chance to join the roster. Heís quick, agile, and a high flyer, and also a non-stop talker in the ring. We'll see if he has the stuff to back it up?
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Dash Decker vs Gage Cardona
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Lightweight rookie Gage gets humiliated and pummeled by massive bodybuilder Dash...
Alex Waters vs Gage Cardona & Ethan Andrews
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Cocky fratboy Alex is demolished, destroyed and devoured by bad boy Ethan and rookie Gage in a 2 on 1 beating....
Alex Waters & Dash Decker vs Ethan Andrews & Gage Cardona
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Dream Team faces off against Green Team in non-stop exhilarating action which leads up to an extreme finish....
Colt Stevens vs Gage Cardona
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Non-stop, high flying electrifying action from teen rookies Colt and Gage leads to an explosive encounter...
Trunks-2204-Gage Cardona
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