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'The Backyard Brawler'  5' 11", 175 lbs
Tyson is another fitness model who believes his money making muscles will transition and help him prevail in the ring. Tyson brings amateur wrestling experience and a well-developed body that has the fitness photographers in South Beach standing in line to shoot him.
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Ethan Andrews vs Tyson Matthews
Download Price $18.95

Can the rookie Tyson escape the muscle boy beating that bad boy Ethan usually dishes out...
Bruce Ballard vs Tyson Matthews
Download Price $18.95

Greek god-like bodybuilder Bruce takes on backyard brawler Tyson in a rookie match up...
Alex Waters vs Tyson Matthews
Download Price $18.95

Fratboy Alex teaches Tyson a lesson at the school of hard knocks....
Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Colt Stevens & Tyson Matthews
Download Price $18.95

This match is like feeding twinkies to a pack of wolves as Dash & Bruce devour the two blond rookies Colt & Tyson...