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'The Skeptic'  5' 11", 165 lbs
Logan joins Rock Hard as a former scholastic wrestler who doubts that what happens in the ring is actually real!  He's an outdoorsman who's here to rough up these pretty boys with his grit and determination. He's a novice, but claims he's ready to take on any challenger. Who knows if he's ready to succeed?
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Zack Johnathan vs Logan Matthews
Download Price $18.95

Zack's magnificent muscles dish out the most lopsided squash in Rock Hard history on poor rookie Logan...
Alex Waters vs Logan Matthews
Download Price $18.95

Muscular fratboy Alex tortures rookie Logan, and unchains him by seizing his white gold chain in victory...
Kyle Carter vs Logan Matthews
Download Price $18.95

Blond, teen muscle stud Kyle clashes with the snippy, skeptic Logan in this rookie war...