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Alex Waters vs Wes Richards
Download Price 18.95

The rookie Wes thinks he can work his way onto the VIP List, Alex thinks differently...
Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper
Download Price 18.95

Ethan happily states ĎIíve had my fun for the dayí as he exits the ring with a big smile across his face...
Tanner Hill vs Zack Johnathan
Download Price 18.95

Can the Z-man dispose of the teen fitness fanatic and remain at the top of the class...
Wes Richards vs Chad Daniels
Download Price 18.95

Will the outlaw Wes go all wild, wild extreme on Chadís stunning beach bod...
Alex Waters vs Zack Johnathan (KOTR 7)
Download Price 18.95

Can Zack and his mouth watering muscles fend off the cocky fratboy Alex to retain his KOTR title...
Alex Waters & Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan
Download Price 18.95

Each of the teams take their shots at claiming victory, but which of the all-star teams will prevail...