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'The Fitness Fanatic' 5' 9", 155 lbs
Tanner is a fitness fanatic as you can quickly tell once you get a glimpse of his body. He’s not a big guy, but he’s ripped to shreds. Any opponent who takes a look at his shredded 8-pack abs from across the ring would be crazy not to want to give them a bashing!

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Bruce Ballard vs Tanner Hill
Download Price $18.95

Do Bruce’s superb muscles rule the young rookie and send him back with an ‘L’ plastered on his forehead...
Austin Cooper vs Tanner Hill
Download Price $18.95

Does Austin use the fitness model’s shredded abs as his personal punching bag...
Rex Bedford vs Tanner Hill
Download Price $18.95

These two rookies show a dark side of their persona in an effort to chalk up their first victory...
Ethan Andrews vs Tanner Hill
Download Price $18.95

Street punk Ethan tortures the fitness model Tanner's shredded sweat soaked abs...
Wes Richards vs Tanner Hill
Download Price $18.95

Can Tanner out-muscle the crossfitter Wes and rip the badge off the outlaw’s chest...
Tanner Hill vs Zack Johnathan
Download Price $18.95

Can the Z-man dispose of the teen fitness fanatic and remain at the top of the class...
Tanner Hill vs Chad Daniels
Download Price $18.95

One of these blond studs is knocked out and unconscious with the winner drenched in sweat and victorious...
Tanner Hill vs Alex Waters (KOTR 8) - New Match!
Download Price $18.95

This match ends with a stunning, mind blowing finish you won’t believe...