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'The Fitness Fanatic' 5' 9", 155 lbs
Tanner is a fitness fanatic as you can quickly tell once you get a glimpse of his body. He’s not a big guy, but he’s ripped to shreds. Any opponent who takes a look at his shredded 8-pack abs from across the ring would be crazy not to want to give them a bashing!

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Bruce Ballard vs Tanner Hill
Download Price 13.95

Do Bruce’s superb muscles rule the young rookie and send him back with an ‘L’ plastered on his forehead...
Austin Cooper vs Tanner Hill
Download Price 18.95

Does Austin use the fitness model’s shredded abs as his personal punching bag...
Rex Bedford vs Tanner Hill
Download Price 18.95

These two rookies show a dark side of their persona in an effort to chalk up their first victory...
Ethan Andrews vs Tanner Hill
Download Price 18.95

Street punk Ethan tortures the fitness model Tanner's shredded sweat soaked abs...
Wes Richards vs Tanner Hill
Download Price 18.95

Can Tanner out-muscle the crossfitter Wes and rip the badge off the outlaw’s chest...
Tanner Hill vs Zack Johnathan
Download Price 18.95

Can the Z-man dispose of the teen fitness fanatic and remain at the top of the class...
Tanner Hill vs Chad Daniels
Download Price 18.95

One of these blond studs is knocked out and unconscious with the winner drenched in sweat and victorious...