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'The Golden Boy' 5' 9", 170 lbs
Jax comes to Rock Hard with amateur wrestling and MMA experience, and loves to mix it up with his opponent. He can dish it out just as well as he can take it. He has a spectacular body, sexy fury chest, and a smile that belongs on a billboard. He is self proclaimed 'the future champ'.

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Austin Cooper vs Jax Brewer
Download Price $18.95

Does brawny Austin tarnish the golden boy Jax's image in his debut match...
Ethan Andrews vs Jax Brewer
Download Price $18.95

Will the Red Demon own the Golden Boy’s muscles and add yet another muscle boy to his long list of victims...
Rex Bedford vs Jax Brewer
Download Price $18.95

Rex and Jax flex their sweat soaked muscles in an effort to impress resident bad boy Ethan...
Bruce Ballard vs Jax Brewer
Download Price $18.95

Is Jax in line to be the future champ, or does Bruce make him look more like a chump...

Austin Cooper & Bruce Ballard vs Ethan Andrews & Jax Brewer
Download Price $18.95

This match ends with all four wrestlers in the ring and a diabolical dual submission...