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Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper
Download Price 13.95

The two bodybuilders show no mercy and deliver one of the most brutal, lopsided beatings on Austin...
Bruce Ballard vs Tanner Hill
Download Price 13.95

Do Bruce’s superb muscles rule the young rookie and send him back with an ‘L’ plastered on his forehead...
Austin Cooper vs Dash Decker (KOTR 4)
Download Price 18.95

Two of the headline bodybuilding superstars face off in a best of five rounds match, who will prevail...
Austin Cooper vs Jax Brewer
Download Price 18.95

Does brawny Austin tarnish the golden boy Jax's image in his debut match...
Ethan Andrews vs Rex Bedford
Download Price 18.95

Does daddy dominator Ethan knock out the MMA muscle stud Rex in his inaugural match...

Ethan Andrews vs Jax Brewer
Download Price 18.95

Will the Red Demon own the Golden Boy’s muscles and add yet another muscle boy to his long list of victims...