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Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan
Download Price $18.95

It's Team Strength vs Team Speed in a super hero battle between these four extraordinary physiques....
Chad Daniels vs Blake Keller
Download Price $18.95

It's no day at the beach when lifeguard Chad and his hot golden bod challenges the tall ripped titan Blake...
Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Colt Stevens & Tyson Matthews
Download Price $18.95

This match is like feeding twinkies to a pack of wolves as Dash & Bruce devour the two blond rookies Colt & Tyson...
Ethan Andrews vs Bruce Ballard
Download Price $18.95

Ethan dominates the muscle stud, using his full arsenal of holds to inflict pure pain and punishment on Bruce...
Dash Decker vs Chad Daniels
Download Price $18.95

Chad and his all-American collegiate body likes his chances against big bodybuilder Dash...
Bruce Ballard vs Zack Johnathan
Download Price $18.95

Two of the sexiest muscle studs in the business square off in this battle for Gotham...