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Wes Richards vs Ethan Andrews
Wes Richards vs Ethan Andrews

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Wes Richards vs Ethan Andrews

Rookie Wes has come onto the scene in the past year with a chip on his shoulder, a bit of an edge in his attitude, and the swagger of an outlaw. It seems like heís working his way toward claiming bad boy status from what heís shown in his matches to date. In his most recent match he put a pounding on the sexy lifeguard Chad and chalked up his first victory, and he also pushed teen bodybuilder Tanner to the limit in his debut match until just falling short in the end. When he enters the ring with his sultry, tattooed body heís looking to hurt someone. Ethan on the other hand has been punishing and pulverizing the muscle boys since his very first match, and is recognized as the resident bad boy on the roster, though Alex may have a thing or two to say about that. The street punk has been on a major league roll as of late, coming out the winner in his last 9 matches after a narrow loss to Dash way back in King of the Ring 3. Heís focused like a laser on another shot at the KOTR belt and wonít let anything or anybody get in his way. The two opponents come out of their corners, Ethan in his signature red tights and black boots and Wes in navy trunks with black boots. Right away, Ethan savors the opportunity at some fresh meat, while the outlaw asks him what heís got? They circle and tie up with Ethan gaining the advantage on the rookie with a snap mare to the mat and then immediately begins attacking Wesís lickable, ripped abs. He continues on making Wes suffer in an arm bar before placing him in a sprawled out crucifix while punching away on his abs. The reigning bad boy continues to taunt the rookie as he remains in control, working over the outlawís hot, sweaty bod. Ethan wraps his legs around the back of Wesís head, pulls him back into his lap, then starts yanking him by the hair. Bad boy Ethan has dominated the first 6 minutes of this round before Wes even has a chance to breath. That is, until the outlaw seizes a small opening and drives Ethan to the mat with a double leg takedown. From there, Wes plays dirty and attacks Ethanís most vulnerable body part, his huge package! He makes the bad boy suffer in multiple ways before he drags him over to the corner ring post. The outlaw splits Ethan like a turkey around the ring pole, tugging his legs so hard Ethanís prized possessions are being squished against the hard, cold metal. This round has turned quickly and Wes isnít going to let him go until he franticly screams out a submission. Ultimately, the bad boy does just that and submits before heís damaged for life. Wes tells him thatís the last time youíll pull my hair, then flexes his sweat soaked muscles as he admires himself in the mirror. The rookie outlaw shows what heís made of and claims victory in round one.

In round two, Ethan has to check his junk to make sure itís all still there. He readjusts his jewels before the action gets started, and good thing he does because Wes is on a roll and quickly back on the attack. He scores with a knee to the bad boyís gut then continues to work over his long, lean muscled body. Wes gazes down as Ethan suffers on the mat, then kicks him over to the ropes and starts choking him out. The outlaw applies a brutal chicken wing, nearly ripping off the street punkís arm. Ethan withstands the onslaught until heís able to break free and get to his feet. Ethan changes the momentum with a direct kick to Wesí shredded, suntanned abs that stuns the outlaw. Ethan quickly flips him over into a boston crab that places a heavy strain on his back. Ethan begins pulverizing Wesís sweat soaked body, and ferociously attacks his abs by walking over them, bashing away on them, then annihilates them with a deep ab claw. Wesís entire six pack has turned beet red from the beating but the bad boy isnít quite finished with him yet! He works Wes over in opposite corner turnbuckles until the outlaw is slumped in the corner and gasping for air. Ethan pauses to flex a double bi pose in admiration of his work, then sets to finish Wes off with one of his favorite holds, a standing ab stretch. Wesís beaten body is stretched while Ethan rubs his opponentís sore abs before pummeling away on them until he forces him to give up twice before releasing the hold. Wes crumbles to the mat as Ethan flexes his fine-tuned body over his conquest. This match is going to a third and final round! Which one of these guys will end up being punished, and which one will finish victorious?

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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