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Alex Waters & Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan
Alex Waters & Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan

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Alex Waters & Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan

This match features four of the biggest names in wrestling today! It also includes some fascinating storylines between these all-star wrestlers. On the surface this match is a bad boys vs good guys battle, with Alex and Ethan as two of the baddest boys on the roster, each of them get a kick out of destroying and punishing their opponents. On the opposite side of the ring, there is Austin and Zack, two of the most experienced and successful g uys who also happen to be good guys outside the ring. But if you dig down further, each one of these all-stars have their own reasons for wanting to be in this match. Alex is feeling all high and mighty after his victory over Zack in KOTR 7 and is willing to take on any challenge. Ethan is still fuming about not getting his shot at Zack and the KOTR belt and is looking to take out his anger on any opponent, but especially Zack. Austin is seeking to work his way back up to the top and wants his shot at Alex. And Zack, heís still distraught about losing the KOTR belt and wants a shot at redemption. These two tag team pairings might seem a little odd at the time, but this match is going to sort out the pecking order for things to come at Rock Hard as we enter 2017. The match opens with Zack and Austin on one side of the ring pumping some iron and warming up their spectacular muscles in anticipation of the showdown. And on the other side, the two bad boys are talking strategy and also mocking their musclehead opponents as they prepare to enter the ring. Of course, with these four wrestlers there is an array of trash talking before the action begins and thatís no surprise. Itís Austin and Ethan to kick off the action in round one. The bad boy Ethan scores first with a few swift kicks to the redheadís leg, then once he has him on the mat Ethan clamps on a rear choke hold and follows up with a tight arm bar. Coop is able to use his brute strength to escape and tag in his partner but that doesnít faze Ethan, he quickly has the muscle model in a side headlock and then bulldogs him head first into the mat. Ethan tags in Alex to get his shot at Zack and the cocky fratboy scoops the Z-man up and slams him down to the mat. Zack recovers to his feet and thatís when Alex challenges the muscle model to a test of strength. That turns out to be a bad idea as Zack turns the momentum. He shoves Alex into the turnbuckle which gives Team Austin/Zack an opportunity to double team the reigning king. They beat on Alexís abs and punish him in the ropes. Austin is tagged in and he continues with the control by power slamming the fratboy. Alex is finally able to tag in Ethan and before you know it Team Alex/Ethan is double teaming and having their way with Austin. Z-man climbs through the ropes to help out his partner, then a wild melee breaks out with all four guys in the ring. The round continues with non-stop action and each team executing their strategy in search of claiming round one. Toward the end it seems like Team Alex/Ethan have all the momentum to put this round away, but Austin steps in to save the day. Coop senses his team is going to lose this round so when he has the chance to play dirty he takes advantage. He goes after Alexís bum knee and locks on a super tight, extremely painful figure four leg lock and doesnít let go until he hears the cocky fratboy cry out a submission to end his misery. Team Austin/Zack snatch round one and high five each other in triumph.

Round two begins with Ethan providing an encouraging back massage to Alex in an effort to boost his spirits before going back in to face Austin once again. Coop challenges the fratboy to a biceps pose-off, and both flex their massive arms for the other to admire. Itís hard to pick a winner, but Austin resorts to his sneaky ways and as Alex is striking a double bicep pose he deviously delivers a punch to the gut. Alex is floored by the blow, then Coop picks him up and power bombs him to the mat. Alex wants no part of this beating and quickly tags in Ethan while Austin tags in Zack. The bad boy forces Z-man into the turnbuckle then unleashes an assault on his picture-perfect abs. Ethan then suplexes him out of the corner and into a cradle, which he swiftly transitions into a crotch ripping spladle on the muscle model. Zack endures the pain until he gets to his feet and then catches Ethan in a headlock to reverse the momentum. The fast and fierce action continues deep into the round with both teams exchanging blows, double teaming, and near submissions. Near the end of the round Alex tags in Ethan to take on the Z-man. Zack lifts the skinny street punk up for an atomic drop but Ethan delivers an elbow to the back of Z-manís head that almost knocks him out. The bad boy swiftly moves in and initially locks on a texas cloverleaf which exerts immense pressure to Zackís back, and then transitions that to a single leg boston crab applying even more extreme pressure until the hunky hard body has no choice but to submit. Team Alex/Ethan has tied this match up at one round a piece. In round three, each of the teams take their shots at claiming victory, but which of the all-star teams will prevail? All the furious action in this 29 minute match leads up to the winners double teaming the losers into a spectacular, decisive submission!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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