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Alex Waters vs Wes Richards
Alex Waters vs Wes Richards

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Alex Waters vs Wes Richards

The moment Alex stepped onto the scene at Rock Hard he has been an instant hit. He’s beaten many opponents along the way, but when he went up against Dash Decker in King of the Ring 2 he couldn’t overcome Dash’s superior size and strength. That defeat hit him hard, and even though he racked up wins against Tyson Matthews and Bruce Ballard, he decided to take a break. Since that time, he’s added additional muscle mass and size and has rejoined the roster in search of another shot at the KOTR someday. Subsequently he’s faced off and devoured beach bod, blond boy Chad Daniels, and now he’s taking on the new rookie Wes in this match. Alex has always been a cocky fratboy and has considered himself a VIP and now he’s out to prove it. Wes is somewhat of an outlaw and has only one match to date, and even though he’s showed signs of having what it takes, he was taken out by the teen muscle hunk Tanner Hill in his debut match. The fitness fanatic was able to over muscle and out experience him. Wes has scholastic wrestling experience, is willing to take chances and to do whatever in needed to gain his first win. The match opens with Wes coming out of the locker room and climbing into the ring, only to spot a VIP Reserved sign in the opposite corner along with a bottle service set up. It looks like service you would see at the hottest club in South Beach, and Alex no doubt thinks he deserves it! Wes wonders what the hell is this and why isn’t his corner set up the same way? Just then, Alex comes to the ring and asks who the hell are you and did you audition to fight me? And then he goes onto state you know you have to audition because I’m that big of a star. The two combatants circle and size each other up before tying up to start the match. Alex scores first with a scoop slam and wonders aloud if he just damaged Wes’s shoulder. Alex shoves him, stomps him a bit, then places the outlaw against the corner turnbuckle and begins working over his tight, ripped abs. He then suplexes Wes out of the corner, drags him to the other side, and shoves the VIP Reserved sign in his face to show the rookie who he’s dealing with in this match. The cocky fratboy continues to pound Wes’s abs, which already show signs of redness, while dominating and taunting him. Alex continues to control the action by wrapping his legs and scissoring Wes’s waist, scoop slamming and supplexing him around the ring, and then straddling the lean muscle rookie and advancing the attack on those ripe, ripped abs. Wes is struggling to find his footing so Alex just continues to beat on the poor rookie. Alex then places Wes’s body in a bow and arrow stretch hold, making him suffer and pushing him to his limits. Wes is able to hold off and evade a submission, and finally is able to turn the tables on the cocky fratboy. Wes gains the upper hand and goes after Alex’s legs, cranking and twisting them like pretzels in a variety of holds. He even shows a hint of his own determination and dark side when he attacks Alex’s bad knee, but Wes isn’t done just yet. He places the cocky fratboy in an extreme arm bar that causes him to moan and groan in pain. Wes may have the fratboy right where he wants him, but when he uses Alex’s VIP towel to wipe the sweat from his brow, Alex takes exception to that! Alex comes to his feet and he locks up in a test of strength with the outlaw rookie. Alex regains the control at this point, and from here on its all Alex. The VIP’er puts the outlaw through the ringer with a variety of painful and distressful holds while persecuting his long lean muscles. As the sweat is dripping off both bodies, Alex rolls Wes over on the mat and locks a tight figure four around his throat to finish him off. The cocky fratboy squeezes the figure four as tight as he can, and just before Wes is ready to pass out he shouts out a submission. Alex shoves him away and flexes his mighty bi’s to claim round one.

At the start of round two, Alex is content with his work so far in this match and enjoys a water while relaxing in his VIP Reserved corner. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Wes is rattled from what just happened to him. As the guys come to center, Alex offers a bottled water to Wes, only to then yank it away and toss it aside, playing with the rookie’s mind. And that tactic worked because Alex seizes the upper hand with a camel clutch, pulling hard on the outlaw’s chin with his immense arms. The cocky boy continues to punish Wes’s body by chocking him over the ring rope, stretching him out with a full nelson, then dropping him over his knee into a backbreaker. When Alex goes back to his corner to take a VIP break and wipe some of the sweat off he loses his momentum. Wes snatches the control by focusing on pounding the cocky boy’s back and attacking his bum knee. The rookie then places Alex in his own neck cranking camel clutch causing much pain and discomfort. He follows up with a leg scissors and a rough chicken wing. Is it Wes’s time to submit the fratboy in round two and go on to chalk up an improbable first win? Or can Alex outduel the outlaw and torture him into a submission to end this match. One thing’s for certain, the winner will be enjoying a VIP night at the hottest club in South Beach with victory in hand!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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