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Austin Cooper & Bruce Ballard vs Ethan Andrews & Jax Brewer
Austin Cooper & Bruce Ballard vs Ethan Andrews & Jax Brewer

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Austin Cooper & Bruce Ballard vs Ethan Andrews & Jax Brewer

This match is a result of the tag team tryout match Ethan scouted between Jax Brewer and Rex Bedford. Ethan has been looking for a new tag team partner ever since Gage Cardona vanished from the Rock Hard Wrestling scene. So, with a new crop of rookies recently joining the roster he thought he would hold out tryouts to scout, and hopefully find, a new tag team partner. In that match, Jax narrowly squeezed out a victory over fellow rookie Rex and earned the opportunity to be Ethan’s tag team partner in a coming match. Little did either of them know that their first match would be against current superstars Austin and Bruce. Of course, this didn’t bother Ethan one bit since he’s notched victories in his singles matches against both of these studs. But, you have to wonder how Jax would approach this match. He’s lost both of his singles matches against the both of them, and most recently to ‘the total package’ Bruce. What will Jax’s mindset be and how will he react in this match? This match begins with Austin and Bruce relaxing in their corner, very confident of the outcome. Ethan comes around the corner with his partner Jax, both wearing their long tights, and climb up onto the ring apron to exchange some pre-match banter. Austin compares their look to a ballerina, and Jax retorts claiming they’re from Pretty Boys R Us. That could be a bad rookie mistake, because Austin challenges that will then if you want to wrestle two men then you can come in in this ring. And so round one begins, it’s Bruce and Jax who kick the action off. Bruce gains the early advantage with a suplex, sending the golden boy to the mat. Bruce continues to throw the rookie around the ring before bringing him over to his corner so he and Austin can double team the hot muscle stud and his prized six pack abs. Ethan doesn’t like what he’s seeing and complains from across the way, but it doesn’t do much help. The two vets bash the young rookie and tell him this is your initiation, welcome to the ring! Eventually, Jax is able to tag in Ethan. The bad boy steps through the ropes to face Austin, and it doesn’t bode well for Ethan. The bad boy gets double teamed in the opponent’s corner, whipped against the ropes and into a scoop slam, then stretched out from a seated surfboard by the burley redhead. Austin then hoists Ethan’s lean muscled bod up into an over the shoulders backbreaker that has the bad boy in trouble. As Ethan lay helpless across Austin’s broad shoulders, Bruce strikes with a viscous ab claw on the bad boy’s ripped abs. Ethan scrambles, trying to get away and tag in his partner, but will no success. Austin drags the bad boy over to his corner and splits his legs up against the steel ring post inflicting some serious pain on Ethan’s famous family jewels. As Ethan screams in pain, Jax attempts to help, but that move is thwarted by bodybuilder Bruce. All the action in round one is being dominated by Team Austin/Bruce, and that doesn’t change. Near the end, it’s Bruce and Jax in the ring and it’s only a matter of time before the golden boy is forced to shout out ‘I give’ as he’s double teamed by Austin and Bruce in a round one ending fantastic finishing hold.

Round two opens with Bruce and Jax in the ring and Bruce quickly takes the control. The total package tosses and stomps Jax before wrapping his tree trunk legs around the golden boy’s tight waist and begins working him over. Jax is able to endure the pain and eventually the two combatants end up on their feet. In a surprise, Jax scores with a double leg takedown and immediately pays Bruce back with some stomping and bashing of his own. Jax then places Bruce’s muscles in a snug camel clutch, with his lower back paying the price. Ethan directs his partner to bring Bruce over to their corner. Ethan tags in and while Bruce is trapped in the camel clutch he nastily grinds the bottom of his boot directly into Bruce’s forehead. Ethan loves beating up on Bruce, as you may remember he totally dominated Bruce in their past singles match and owned every one of his muscles until Bruce was begging for it to stop at the end. Ethan intently goes to work on Bruce’s muscles again, inflicting punishment until he’s able to scramble to his corner to tag in Austin. Ethan tells Austin to ‘bring it’ and when the redhead springs over to the top rope into the ring, Ethan hits him with a boot to the gut then suplexes him to the mat and begins bashing his abs. Ethan is pissed and doesn’t want to lose straight rounds! Both Ethan and Jax take turns beating up on the redhead, and also get into some villainous double teaming. Bruce never really has a chance to get back into the ring and help his partner. So when Ethan ultimately softens Austin up by working over his legs and back, he and Jax double team him with a standing surfboard. Even though the two of them nearly pulls both arms off Austin’s body he resists submitting. That is, until the bad boy grabs a handful of red hair and forcefully pulls back until Austin cries out a submission. Team Ethan/Jax even this match up at one round a piece. And as they flex their mighty biceps in celebration, Ethan proclaims, ‘now that’s how we do it!’ Will Team Austin/Bruce get their act together in round three and secure a victory over the bad boy and rookie? Or, will Team Ethan/Jax continue to inflict pain and punishment on the two muscle hunks? One thing’s for certain, the match ends with all four wrestlers in the ring and a diabolical dual submission. A finish you’ll want to see!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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