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Chad Daniels vs Blake Keller
Chad Daniels vs Blake Keller

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Chad Daniels vs Blake Keller

The blond haired mop top Chad spends his summers as a lifeguard at the beach, mostly working on his tan and showing off his scorching beach bod. As he sits in his tower and keeps watch over the beach goers, the girls ask if he’ll take a selfie with them and the guys are just plain jealous of his perfect muscles. He knows he’s there to save lives and give CPR when needed, all the while enjoying the sunshine, blue waters, and people watching. Since joining Rock Hard, he’s put up impressive challenges to veterans Zack Johnathan and Austin Cooper, but in the end just didn’t have enough experience to pull out a victory. His opponent in this match, Blake also joined the roster about the same time. Blake is a tall, strapping southern boy who’s also run into trouble in his first two matches, giving his all but ultimately losing to the total package Bruce Ballard and the chosen one Dash Decker. So, it was inevitable that these two rookies would square off against one another with one of them able to notch his first success. The match starts with the two rookies exchanging pleasantries and sizing each other up. They’re both about the same height. Blake has about 15-20 pounds on Chad, but the lifeguard has more defined muscle packed on his frame. Blake starts the trash talking, saying ‘come on shaggy’, taking a shot at Chad’s blond locks. Blake also takes control first, throwing the lifeguard to the mat and stomping his size 12 boot on top of his back and leg. He then stretches Chad’s massive legs and crotch out on the mat, places him in a back bending boston crab, then uses his strength and size to hoist him up into a reverse bear hug. At this point, the lifeguard looks like a fish out of water as the tall titan is having his way with his beach bod muscles. Blake continues to stomp his big, white boot on Chad’s body before he whips him across the ring and into a clothesline that flattens the shaggy, blond mop top. As the lifeguard’s battered body lay on the mat, Blake gets down and wraps his long, muscular legs around Chad’s tiny 29” waist and begins squeezing away, proclaiming ‘Chad is sad’. But Chad doesn’t seem to be too sad because once he breaks free and gets to his feet, he seems to be pissed! He lifts Blake up over his head and power slams him into the mat. The ring floor vibrates when the 215 lb titan hits the mat, as Chad asks ‘how’s your back feel now?’ Chad dishes out some of his own stomping on Blake’s body, then rolls him into a leg scissors. You can only imagine what it feels like to have the lifeguard’s massive thighs wrapped around your waist and his legs squeezing you like a hydraulic press! Blake cries out in pain as Chad looks down upon his prey. Once Blake has suffered enough, he shoves him off, stands up and begins posing his beach bod muscles in admiration. He even flexes his bicep in Blake’s face to show whose boss. Chad lifts Blake to his feet and locks on his own bearhug, flexing his massive arms around the tall titan’s torso. He throws Blake to the mat, then stretches his long frame out as he drives his foot into his ribcage. But, the lifeguard can’t put him away. When the lifeguard begins lifting Blake to his feet, the big man strikes with a double leg and lifts Chad up over his shoulder. He then says’ what goes up must come down’ before slamming the blond surfer boy to the mat. Blake chokes and then straddles his long body over Chad’s muscles but isn’t able to secure a submission. That was a mistake! Both guys get to their feet and the lifeguard takes control by throwing Blake into the ropes then dropping his 6’2” bod down to the canvas. The blond muscle boy stomps on Blake’s back a few times, then drags him up and hoists his long, lanky body across his broad, sun drenched shoulders into to torture rack. Chad has Blake’s 215 lbs draped over his shoulders and begins bouncing him up and down to inflict maximum punishment. Blake withstands the pain as long as he can until finally giving up. The beach boy celebrates his triumph by flexing his ripped six-pack over a beaten Blake. Chad’s not sad, Chad’s bad!

Round two opens with Blake trying to rub away the pain in his back, and Chad strutting around the ring like a proud peacock. They each throw a few wisecracks about who’s got the bigger muscles which leads to a test of strength. The lifeguards inspiring arms win the battle as he hurls Blake to the mat, then follows up with a stomp to his gut. He continues his control over Blake with a camel clutch before stretching him and his lengthy body out on the mat by placing his boots on his shoulders and pulling back on Blake’s arms with all his might. The Chadster is feeling good about himself as he strikes a few poses with his sexy, hot bod while Blake suffers on the mat. But the lifeguard strikes one too many poses and allows for an opening for Blake to turn the tables. The brown haired titan sends the blond haired mop top to the mat with a sweeping ankle pick and gets in Chad’s face flexing his own mighty muscles. He lifts Chad to his feet then sends him across the ring and drives his forearm across the beach boy’s powerful chest with a clothesline. He continues the assault with a boston crab then follows that up with a leg scissors by lacing his long legs around Chad’s waist, and then stretches him in a bow and arrow as he lays face down on the mat. Will the tall titan be able to force a submission out of Chad and even this match at one round each? Or can Chad turn things around and impose his beach bod muscles to compel Blake to submit a second straight time to chalk up his first victory then forego any CPR on his laid out opponent? One thing's for sure, this is no day at the beach!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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