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Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan
Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan

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Dash Decker & Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper & Zack Johnathan

After Dash was humiliated by his and Alex’s tag team loss to the Green Team at the end of last year, he decided it was time to look for a new tag team partner. He scoured the roster for a partner that he could count on and decided one of the new guys fit the bill. He was looking for a bodybuilder like himself, and that guy was Bruce Ballard. Bruce has shown great promise as an up and coming superstar, conquering the likes of fellow rookies Tyson Matthews and Blake Keller and pushing reigning superstars Austin Cooper and Alex Waters to their limits in his four matches to date. Dash liked what he saw in the rookie, approached him with the idea, and a new team was formed! Dash wanted his new team to start with a bang, so he challenged the two guys that have been at the top of the Rock Hard roster since its early days. He called out Austin Cooper and Zack Johnathan, the Z-man. Of course these two veterans didn’t back down and quickly huddled for a strategy session. Coop and Z-man have plenty of impressive muscle themselves but wanted to take a different approach for this match, and they decided speed kills. So the stage was set, it is going to be Team Strength vs Team Speed in this showdown. Team Speed enters the ring first, sporting matching red t-shirts, black trunks and black boots. Their t-shirts emblazed with the super hero ‘Flash’ logo. As the two muscle studs enter the ring, they begin running the ropes, bouncing and crisscrossing the mat like lightning. The two bodybuilders enter the arena in blue super hero ‘Superman’ t-shirts and seem amused with the muscle boy’s antics. Of course once both teams are inside the squared circle, the testosterone level begins to rise and a flex off occurs. The ring is filled with four spectacular muscle studs and they aren’t afraid to show off their bodies. If you’re into muscle, this could be the pinnacle match for you! When these four studs peel off their t-shirts you wonder how either team if going to lose? Round one begins with Coop saying to Zack he’ll start things off and Bruce in his corner ready to go. But, as Coop comes across the ring he declares he wants to start the action with Dash, the bigger one. He claims he wants to start off with super man not super woman. Surprisingly, Team Strength obliges and Bruce steps out and Dash steps in. Not a good omen for the two bodybuilders. Coop scores with a cheap shot, carries Dash across the ring for some double teaming, then controls the big bodybuilder down on the mat. The burly redhead squeezes his massive thighs around Dash’s waist before tagging in the Z-man. Zack gets a few shots in on the chosen one before he’s able to tag in Bruce to the rescue. Bruce uses his brute strength to hoist Zack up in the air and carries him around the ring, but its short lived for the total package as Zack gets to his feet and with lightning speed ducks under Bruce and reverses the control. Zack brings Bruce over against the ropes near his corner and places him in one of his signature holds, a standing ab stretch against the ropes. Zack has Bruce’s fantastic physique stretched out, and Coop is quick to double team bodybuilder with a rear choke. Bruce’s mouth-watering muscles are being pummeled, pulled, and stretched to their limits. Like an insect caught in a spider’s web, Bruce is in deep trouble with Team Speed. They work over his muscles like he was their own personal play toy, but the bodybuilder is able to endure the punishment for now. The teams tag in and out, and get shots in on one another, but in the end Team Speed has their eyes on the lesser experienced Bruce. As Bruce is using his super power to pick up and slam Coop to the mat, Zack distracts the rookie and Coop draws on his lightning speed to turn the tables. Coop bitch slaps Bruce across the chest, then draws on his own power to place the bodybuilder in a torture rack across his broad shoulders, proclaiming you guys aren’t the only ones with strength. He then whips Bruce into the turnbuckle where Zack awaits for some more double team punishment which also includes Coop grinding his boot deep into the bodybuilder’s crotch. As Bruce is cringing in pain, Coop determines it’s time to take rookie out. Austin set’s him up on the mat and places Bruce into his famous crotch splitting finishing hold known as ‘the Coop’. Bruce’s poor crotch is stretched out in agonizing pain and he has no choice but to whimper out a submission. Round one goes to Team Speed as Coop flexes his mighty biceps over the fallen prey.

Round two starts with the same two guys, Austin and Bruce, and nothing has changed as Coop begins with a bearhug on the rookie bodybuilder as he was trying to walk off the pain in his groin. But Bruce is able to soon tag in Dash to get some relief. Dash climbs through the ropes, takes a cheap shot at Zack, then challenges the brawny redhead to a test of strength. No surprise, Dash takes the control and in a complete display of power never seen before actually lifts Coop of his feet as their hands are locked. Coop is stunned, but Zack comes to his rescue with a shot to Dash’s back. This opens the door for Team Speed to have some fun and double team Dash in their corner, and topping it off with a dose of groin punishment. As Dash struggles to get to his feet, Zack comes in and rides the big guy like a well broken in surfboard. But Dash doesn’t stay down for long, he connects with two well-placed elbows into Zack’s perfect pecs to floor the world class fitness model. He then proceeds to deliver some payback, placing his size 11 boot straight down on the Z-man’s family jewels. Zack squirms in pain, then Dash tosses him around the ring in a full nelson like a ragdoll before he’s able to escape briefly and tag in Austin. Coop climbs the turnbuckle in an attempt to make a flying splash into Dash, but it doesn’t happen as Dash stays outside the striking distance. The chosen one has worked up a good lather at this point and catches Coop with a kick to the gut. As Coop lays face down, Dash tags in Bruce and they take the time to double team the weakened veteran by nearly pulling and ripping his massive arms right out of their shoulder sockets. The action in round two continues at a furious pace, with each team having their time to dish out the pain and punishment on one another’s pumped up muscles. With Dash and Bruce knowing they need to win this round, they make an all-out assault on the smaller muscle boy Zack. The Z-man gets stretched and power slammed to the mat by Bruce, before Bruce hoists the battered opponent over his impressive broad into a crucifix. Zack’s award winning muscles are draped over the bodybuilder’s back and he’s completely vulnerable. Bruce bounces him up and down a few times to exaggerate the pain, then walks him over to his partner. Dash salivates at the chance to punch, pound and ab claw Zack’s exposed torso until the muscle model can’t take it any longer. Bruce dastardly makes him submit multiple times before dropping him to the mat and proudly flexing his own imposing biceps over his beaten down opponent. Team Strength evens this match at one round a piece. Will the sweaty bodybuilders be able to continue imposing their will on Team Speed and chalk up an inaugural victory? Or, can the veterans Austin and Zack use their lightning like speed and their own dose of muscle to spoil the new tag team’s debut? One thing’s for certain, the final round is packed with high flying and power packed action with the match lasting a full 40 minutes to determine the outcome between these four extraordinary physiques!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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