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Colt Stevens vs Gage Cardona
Colt Stevens vs Gage Cardona

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Colt Stevens vs Gage Cardona

Both Colt and Gage joined the roster at the same time, and they both bring high flying exciting action to the ring when they step through the ropes. Colt has been in contention in both of his previous matches, but was up against too much power and muscle when he fell to Dash Decker, and was out schooled by the experienced bad boy Ethan Andrews. Gage was demolished by the current King of the Ring Dash in his debut match, but caught the eye of Ethan along the way and has chalked up two victories with the help and tutelage of the bad boy against Alex Waters, and in a tag team against Alex and Dash. Colt has been looking forward to this match, because he doesn’t feel he’s gotten enough respect in the locker room, and also is looking to extract some revenge on Ethan’s Green Team tag team partner. This match-up is set to be a high flying, high energy confrontation. Immediately the trash talking starts, Colt saying ‘you’re in a line and I want to get to the top one day so that means I need to get through you’ and then pokes fun at Gage’s geek glasses. Colt scores first with a duck under take down, heaving the lighter Gage to the mat. He continues to control the non-stop talker with a combination of wrestling and MMA holds. But the action shifts quickly, and Gage takes charge with a dramatic headlock hip toss ending with Colt flat on his back, Gage applying a scissor arm bar, then adding insult with a fish hook that distorts the sly teen’s baby face. He allows Colt to get to his feet, then floors him again with a clothesline smack across his throat, and keeps control with a back bending camel clutch on the blond teen. The fast and frenzied action between these two rookies continues as Colt takes back command with a wicked reverse heel kick to Gage’s chin that floors him. The blond MMA fighter then scores with a few kicks to soften up Gage’s ribcage, then a dose of ab bashing in an attempt to slow him down. The fast paced, non-stop action goes back and forth between these two energized rookies as Gage delivers payback with his own roundhouse kick to the side of Colt’s face. Gage screams in joy as the blond locks teen lay stunned on the mat. Both of these teens go for a submission with dueling leg locks on each other, but neither will submit. Colt delivers the punishment with a hard driving suplex followed up with a flying knee into Gage’s pecs as he’s stunned in the corner turnbuckle. The taker Gage is able to regain the momentum as Colt primps his golden locks in the mirror, but it’s short lived. Colt overpowers the lighter Gage, hoists him up onto his shoulders then falls straight back, power bombing a shaken Gage brutally onto the mat floor. Colt then brings an end to all the non-stop talking and exhilarating action in round one when he places his white boot in Gage’s rib cage and stretches the poor boy out until he scream a submission. Colt leans over to whisper something in his ear, then celebrates his win in round one with a double bicep flex then fixing his teen idol blond curly locks.

Round two opens with Gage still stunned from the power bomb Colt dropped on him, and Colt’s never ending banter saying ‘you can’t be tired already’, then flashes a little Ali shuffle. The sly teen again scores first on Gage with a double leg takedown, this time driving him into the mat then cupping Gage’s head with his long legs and bashing his abs. This seems to fire up the rookie in red as he breaks free then resorts back to a good old fashioned fireman’s carry to take Colt to the mat then cranks on a reverse headlock that inflicts enough pain to cause the tall blond to arch toward the rafters. Gage keeps the advantage by tossing Colt high up over his head, and as the blond lay on the mat, Gage climbs the ropes to deliver a high flying splash smack across his opponent’s gut. The non-stop action takes many twists and turns along the way, and it isn’t long before Colt regains the momentum with a flying cradle and then connects with three spine shivering forearms to Gage’s chest. But both of these guys have been on the receiving ends throughout their amateur careers so they know how to endure and starve off the punishment until they get back on offense. Gage regains the momentum with a double round house kick that connects with Colt’s jaw, which he claims is broken! But that doesn’t stop Gage, he places him into a reverse choke in an attempt to end this round right now. Colt though is able to break free with a few elbow jabs into Gage’s ribs. He makes the other half of the Green Team pay connecting with a double boot drop kick into Gage’s ripped abs and follows up with a single leg boston crab which causes Gage to moan out in pain. Gage fends off the pain and goes to work on Colt’s back, ultimately setting him up for a submission. He places Colt in stretching surfboard in the middle of the ring and maliciously yanks back on his arms until Colt cries out a submission. Gage evens this match at one round a piece as he tells the blond teen to ‘get out of his face and remember who’s boss’. These rookie warriors lace on the MMA gloves for round three, setting up an explosive encounter that features high flying, non-stop action that doesn’t stop until one of them submits to a painful submission he won’t soon forget. This match is a full 26 minutes of thrilling, high flying, and electrifying action that will keep you on the edge up until the very end!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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