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Ethan Andrews vs Colt Stevens
Ethan Andrews vs Colt Stevens

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Ethan Andrews vs Colt Stevens

Young Colt made a small splash in his debut against Dash Decker, even though he lost the match and had his new pair of $200 sunglasses smashed to smithereens by the big guy. For most of the match he was dominated by the imposing muscles and steel will of one of the most formidable opponents on the roster. Dash overpowered Colt in his debut, but the teen wrestler and MMA fighter did show signs of advanced wrestling and MMA skills, as he twisted and tortured Dashís prized physique when he was on top. So the rookie has shown signs of promise. But, in this match he takes on another opponent that has made a living out of beating up on the muscle boys and rookies. And these days, Ethan is oozing even more confidence after teaming with Gage Cardona in a 2 on 1 beating of the muscle stud fratboy Alex Waters, and then teaming with Gage again for the Green Team as they surprisingly defeated and humiliated the Dream Team of Alex and Dash. In light of the current events, Colt certainly is going to have his hands full with resident street punk and bad boy Ethan. With the influx of MMA and other contact sports included on the resumes of many of the wrestlers, itís inevitable that there is debate in the locker room as to which of the other arts can have a greater impact in the wrestling ring. Colt has professional MMA experience, so naturally the sly teen thinks this will work to his advantage. While Ethan has been training in boxing over the past year and has added this to his growing list of combat sports experience in his arsenal. Round one begins with the two of them sizing each other up and debating the MMA vs boxing advantage. The sly teen is no slouch when it comes to head games either, as he works on psyching Ethan out by flexing his teen muscles in his face. Ethan smiles at this ploy, since heís sporting his own sizzling hot, lean muscled body and has dominated much bigger muscles than the teenager is flexing. The street punk strikes first with repeated jabs to the teenís abs, then flips him to the mat and stretches the blond boy out in a seated surfboard. Colt may have thought he had some quickness, but heís being out-quicked at the onset. Ethan transitions the hold to a leg scissors, squeezing Coltís blond locks while he taunts him. He allows the MMA fighter to get to his feet, then connects with a flurry of jabs to his abs as heís pushed back against the ropes. The street punk bad boy loves to attack his opponentís abs, and heís using the same game plan on the rookie. He suplexes Colt to the mat and delivers a few more shots to his teen abs. Ethan then drags Colt over to the ropes so that he can choke him out, then locks a texas cloverleaf leglock on Coltís lanky legs exerting extreme pressure on his lower back. Ethan asks him to tap, but Coltís been in the cage before and itís much too early for him to submit. Both guys get to their feet and Colt goes on offense, he choke slams Ethan to the mat, using his size advantage on the street punk. Colt starts displaying his arsenal of holds on Ethan; clamping on a tight leg lock, then cinching a figure four around his throat as he pounds away at the bad boyís pec. The blond rookie drags Ethan up to his feet by his hair, and then whips him across the ring and connects with is size 11 white boot square on his chest. This sends the bad boy crumbling to the mat. Colt connects with a few of his own ab punches as Ethan is sprawled on the mat, then he egotistically struts around the ring flexing his own teenage biceps for his fans. This turns out to be a rookie mistake, as it provides Ethan time to recover, and reverse the momentum. When Colt attempts to connect with another boot to Ethanís ripped midsection, the bad boyís quick enough to grab Coltís leg before it lands and takes the teen rookie to the mat. Once Ethan has him on the mat, he starts an assault on the rookieís legs; he stomps his hamstrings, then makes him agonize in a figure four leg lock, then sends him reeling with a wicked clothesline. The bad boy has things in control as he hoists Colt up over his shoulders, then power bombs him to the mat. Colt is wincing in pain as he cries out Ďmy back, my backí. Ethan pulls him to his feet, laces his wiry teen body through the ropes, pulls back on his arms into to surfboard and really starts applying the pressure. You have to think Coltís never experienced this hold in an MMA match, so as much as he tries to fight it, Ethan continues to amp up the pressure until the blond rookie is forced to scream out ĎI give upí. Colt dangles in the ropes in pain before the bad boy pulls him back into the ring by his blond beiber style hair, places his black boot on his stomach, and flexes his baseball sized biceps in conquest of round one.

Round two starts with Colt admitting Ďthat was a good round, Iíll give you that, but it was a round not a fightí. Ethan just smiles at the teenagerís attempt at intimidation, and then Colt pulls out something from behind the corner turnbuckle pad. Seems the rookie stashed a pair of 4 ounce MMA gloves in the corner just in case he needed an advantage. Colt proceeds to put on the gloves while Ethan explains Ďboxing is a sweet science while MMA is nothing but caged animalsí. This doesnít sit well with the sly teen as he retorts Ďdonít ever say that againí before the two lock up. Colt strikes with several knees to Ethanís ripped abs, tosses him to the mat, lifts him up to suplex him back to the mat, then locks on a leg scissors around the street punkís throat wanting to squeeze the life out of him. Colt has seemed to find a groove and he continues to throw, toss, and flip Ethanís lean muscled body around the ring at will. He lifts the bad boy to his feet only to drop kick him back into the turnbuckle. Ethan is slumped in the corner, and as the sly teen pulls him to his feet and begins to parade him around the ring, Ethan reverses the action with an atomic knee drop that sends shivers up the blond teenís spine. Colt winces in pain holding his ass as he lay face down on the mat. Will bad boy Ethan run the young rookie through his vast array of punishing holds and impose his will on the cage fighter to chalk up another victory? Or can the sly teen regain his senses and turn this ring into his cage and rely on his MMA experience and size advantage to trap the punk in a MMA submission to even this match at one round a piece? Colt has shown signs of brilliance, but will that be enough to claim a victory. All the sensational and stimulating action leads up to a knock out finish!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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