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Zack Johnathan vs Chad Daniels
Zack Johnathan vs Chad Daniels

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Zack Johnathan vs Chad Daniels

This is a battle of the bodies match! Both of these guys have spectacular physiques. Zack has perfected an immaculate muscled body with countless years in the gym. His mouth watering muscles have appeared in TV shows, magazines, catalogs, and commercials around the world, and both girls and guys alike have been drooling over his body for years. The Z-man never disappoints! His opponent, Chad, also brings his own magnificent physique to the ring. Chad is a collegiate athlete, lifeguard, and a former scholastic wrestler and his body shows it. He sports massive legs, a tiny waist, ripped abs, and impressive biceps, all topped off by shaggy blond hair that makes him one bad ass on campus. He’s been intrigued by underground wrestling and was looking to join the ranks of the best wrestlers around, so he contacted Rock Hard and asked for a shot. Chad is just one of a string of stunning rookies to join the roster over the past year. It’s a delight to see these two incredible athletes test their muscles against one another! Zack is dressed in blue square cut trunks, white boots with blue socks, while the rookie Chad is also rocking blue square cuts, white boots, and red socks. Both look superb in their attire. Round one begins with each of the guys sizing the other up, Chad has the height and weight advantage over Zack, but Zack has all the experience. Chad asks ‘you must be Zack’ and the model muscle replies ‘I’ll give you a Zack attack, you think you can handle that?’ The rookie isn’t fazed by the threat and tells him ‘I don’t think you’re ready for the Chad’. The two muscle hunks lock up in a test of strength that goes back and forth before Zack powers the blond rookie down to his knees and strikes with a kick to his abs that sends the rookie reeling. Zack concedes Chad has some strength as he lifts him to his feet. He controls the action by sending Chad to the mat and locking on a front facing headlock. Zack transitions to a strike on Chad’s mammoth legs with a stomp to the hamstring, then an elbow drop to the back, before ending with a standing arm bar. The Z-man towers over Chad as he stretches out his shoulder, then stretches his body and muscles out with a bow and arrow. The blond lifeguard cries out in pain as Zack is having his way with the rookie thus far. The Z-man continues showing the rookie who’s the boss, whipping him across the ring and then flooring him with a stiff clothesline. The Zack attack is working over every muscle on Chad’s body, and you can bet the blond lifeguard is thinking this is no day at the beach! Z-man lifts Chad up and then drops him onto his knee for a reverse atomic drop which causes the lifeguard to scream out ‘my groin’ as he grovels in pain on the mat. But Zack isn’t finished dishing out the punishment just yet, he brings the blond rookie to his feet, backs him into the corner turnbuckle to stomp his awesome abs and choke the blond pretty boy out. This seems to infuriate Chad and he goes all hulk like on the Z-man, lifting him up over his head and yells out ‘you’re going down boy’ before Chad power slams him into the ring floor. The rookie stomps on Zack’s back before placing him in a back breaking boston crab. Chad seems pleased with this sequence as he struts around the ring and flexes his remarkable biceps. The blonde collegiate athlete continues his assault on Zack’s back with a camel clutch but he can’t gain a submission. Z-man relies on his old high school experience to reverse the action with a single leg takedown on the bigger blonde. As the sweat begins to shine on their sultry muscles, the Z-man regains the control and begins to systematically work over every muscle on Chad’s beach body. He places his knee in the small of Chad’s back and cranks back on his chin, he then wraps his legs around the blonde’s massive thighs into a figure four leg lock asking the blond stud to give up. But the rookie fights it off and doesn’t submit, showing he has the fortitude to withstand the pain. He surprises Zack when he scoops him up and drops him across his knee in an over the knee backbreaker but the rookie doesn’t know how to finish. Zack regains the momentum, straddles Chad and starts choking him out, setting him up to finish the rookie off. Zack places Chad’s beach body in a standing ab stretch, and begins torturing his killer abs until the lifeguard can’t withstand it any longer and is forced to submit not once, not twice, but four times before Z-man finally releases the hold. Chad crumbles to the mat and Z-man celebrates a triumph in round one flexing his immense biceps over the rookie’s limp body.

Round two begins with Z-man asking ‘how those abs feel?’ and Chad counters ‘you’re going to have to do better than that’ and Z-man laughs saying ‘I’m surprised you’re didn’t go running out of this ring!’ The muscle boys lock up and Zack picks up where he left off in round one. The Z-man takes the newbie down to the mat with a front face lock then slips in dual arm bars and grinds him into the mat. The dominance over the bigger blonde muscle boy continues with a front facing bear hug, followed by a back breaking boston crab. Both guys get to their feet, and surprisingly Chad gains the momentum by tossing the muscle model across the ring and delivers a clothesline smack across Z-man’s perfect pecs. With Zack flat on his back, the rookie delivers some payback, stretching the fitness model’s picture-perfect muscles out. Chad places his boots on Zack’s ribcage, grabs an arm and ankle, and pulls back with all his might, stretching Zack to the max. Chad tells him to give up, it’s over, but the Z-man fights out of it. Can Chad and his beach bod muscles wear Z-man down and force a submission out of him to even this match and send it to a deciding round three? Or, will the world class fitness model and his money making muscles end the rookie’s misery and chalk up another conquest in this spectacular battle of the bodies!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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