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Dash Decker vs Gage Cardona
Dash Decker vs Gage Cardona

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Dash Decker vs Gage Cardona

Massive bodybuilder Dash and his spectacular ripped body has been in high demand for fitness photographers around the world, and he’s also had instant success since stepping into the Rock Hard ring. He’s won both of his matches in impressive fashion and has been intimidating the roster with his huge size and impressive power. Lately, he’s noticed that street punk, bad boy Ethan Andrews has been breaking in the rookies, but he wants his shot at that enjoyment. So, we granted his wish and in this match takes on newbie Gage Cardona. Gage is an up-and-coming MMA fighter and stunt man who submitted his pics and resume asking for a chance to join the roster. He’s a non-stop talker in the ring, much like Alex Waters, but does he have the stuff to back it up? He must have drawn the short straw in the locker room, because he’s significantly smaller than Dash, nearly 50 pounds lighter, so he’ll need to rely on is speed and stamina to have any chance of victory in this big vs small match. Both guys are decked out in red trunks and black boots, but there’s no mistaking who’s who in this match up. Perhaps Gage was trying to play some mind games with the bodybuilder? He starts the trash talking right away, and even flexes a double bicep pose in Dash’s face, but Dash is not shaken by either the taunting or the rookie’s puny muscles. Once Dash has heard enough, he tosses the rookie into opposite corners, and then connects with a boot to his gut to show he’s not going to be messing around with the lightweight. As Gage leans against the ropes coughing from the wind being knocked out of him, Dash moves in to deliver more kicks to every part of the rookie’s lean muscled body. Dash continues the control, head flips him out of the corner, then clamps his massive arms around Gage’s throat and begins choking him out. The rookie has barely stopped talking since the match started and he continues talking as Dash has his bicep wrapped around his throat, trying to say something about ‘you’re kind of a weak…’ but he isn’t able to finish his sentence as Dash dials up the pressure with his bulging bicep. He toys with the rookie, first squeezing the breath out of him, then allowing him a quick second to breath. Dash release the hold, then connects with an elbow drop to the back and follows that up with a single leg boston crab variation. Dash and his massive muscles continue initiating Gage; whipping him into the corner turnbuckle then driving a shoulder deep into the newbie’s abs, he make’s Cage suffer first in an extreme camel clutch then in a back breaking boston crab that has him crying in pain. But Gage is able to fend off the pain and shows some resiliency, he kips to his feet, saying ‘that’s the thing with us little guys we’re flexible’ and he dives into a double leg takedown. He drives Dash to the mat then starts wailing punches into the bodybuilder’s awesome abs before locking an arm bar on the stunned ‘chosen one’. Dash is able to get to his feet, but the quick rookie gets behind him and astonishingly is able to throw the 200 pound bodybuilder back over his shoulder and back down to the mat. Gage has been able to use his quickness, aerial abilities, and speed to gain the upper hand on the much bigger bodybuilder. That ends up being short lived though, when both men are getting to their feet Dash again connects with a stiff boot to the lightweight’s abs that sends him crumbling in the ropes. The ‘chosen one’ lifts Gage by his hair to his feet, then whips him across the ring to deliver a clothesline that sends him flying to the mat. Gage doesn’t relent with the trash talking, asking ‘is that all you got bitch?’ which only adds fuel to Dash’s fire. The bodybuilder begins a methodical, deliberate attack on the lightweights back. Every chance Dash has he pounds, stomps and inflicts pain on Gage’s back. In between, he hoists him into a full nelson and flails his lifeless body around the ring. With the sweat dripping off both bodies, Dash decides it’s time to end this round. He lifts Gage up into a front facing bear hug, his powerful arms around the rookie and wrings the energy out of his body until he extracts a screaming submission to end round one. Dash flexes his sweat soaked muscles over his fallen prey.

Round two opens with Dash confidently relaxed in his corner asking the rookie ‘you alright? you want to call it quits?’. Gage tries turning the tables on the smack talk claiming Dash hasn’t stopped talking since the match began. Unfortunately for Gage he isn’t able to turn the tables with the smack talking nor the wrestling. The two lock up and again Dash takes control. He shoves Gage into the corner and thrusts his shoulder several times into his six-pack, then ab bashes him with his fist. As the rookie suffers, the bodybuilder flips him to the center of the ring, then wraps his tree trunk thighs around Gage’s 29” waist and squeezes this shit out of him. While Gage suffers he continues to run his mouth, so Dash wraps his hand around his throat and tells the rookie to shut up! Gage is able to get a few licks in on Dash’s muscle bound body, nearly catching him in a submission with one of his mma holds, but the muscle and size difference is just too much for the rookie to overcome. Dash both toys with him and tortures him with an arsenal of holds that even the best guys on the roster would have difficulty surviving. In the end Dash torments Gage in a brutal submission hold until he gives multiple times. The poor rookie gets smashed and dashed in his debut match. Not sure if this match was more of an initiation or a hazing, but one thing is certain, Dash enjoyed every minute!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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