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Ethan Andrews vs Tyson Matthews
Ethan Andrews vs Tyson Matthews

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Ethan Andrews vs Tyson Matthews

Street punk Ethan salivates at the chance to ‘welcome’ the rookie muscle boys to the Rock Hard ring. In his years since he joined the roster, this bad boy has had the pure pleasure of delivering pure pain to the incredible, mouth-watering muscled physiques of some of the hottest fitness models on the planet. In this match he takes on Tyson Matthews, another fitness model who believes his money making muscles will transition and help him prevail in the ring. Tyson brings amateur wrestling experience and a well-developed body that has the fitness photographers in South Beach standing in line to shoot him. This match opens with Ethan, in his red square cuts with yellow piping and black boots, starring down his next piece of muscle meat in the opposite corner. Tyson sports blue square cuts and white boots that highlight his model physique. Tyson starts straight away with the trash talking, calling Ethan a nerd and teasing him about his interests in gaming and comics. The bad boy admits to liking both, and claims he can be a street punk geek, just before he declares he’s ‘going to kick his …’ But before he can finish his sentence, the bad boy taunts back asking if Tyson is young or old cause he’s got this thinning hair line. You can see it in Tyson’s face he didn’t expect that and doesn’t appreciate it! The rookie locks up with the street punk and surprisingly is able to lift Ethan up in a double leg and places him over his back, walks him around a bit, before dropping to his knees into a ball buster to deliver the first cheap shot of the bout. Typically, Ethan likes to take the early charge of the match and set the tone, so as he squirms on the mat in pain to his much envied package he’s got to be thinking if Tyson might be different from the previous muscle boys. Tyson stays on the attack, lacing up Ethan’s arms in a full nelson to stretch out his lean body before backing him up against the lower ropes and connecting with a few stiff jabs to the street punk’s abs. Tyson then flips Ethan over into a back-breaking boston crab, and when the bad boy reaches for the ropes to escape, the rookie notices and drags him to the center of the ring. He continues to control the experienced street punk, locking his arm in a tight arm bar as he lay face up on the mat. Tyson’s muscular biceps pull on Ethan’s arm, wrenching it in pain. But, the bad boy is able to fend off the arm bar and escape to his feet. He jumps on Tyson’s back, wraps on a rear naked choke, and brings the rookie to the mat. Ethan transitions to a leg scissors, wrapping his legs around the muscle boy’s waist and begins to squeeze. He looks down on the rookie as he suffers, inflicting more pain with a claw hold on the rookie’s brawny pec. He brings him to his feet only to lock on an inverted choke hold that drapes Tyson over the bad boy’s knee, his muscular physique laid wide open for punishment. He continues to dish out a beating on the rookie, stretching him out in a standing surfboard and placing his black boot on the back of Tyson’s head, driving his face down to eat some mat! The street punk works on Tyson’s back, even trying to twist off his nose in the process, before lifting him up by all four limbs into a suspended octopus hold that has Tyson swinging in the wind. Ethan makes sure to grind the rookie’s face into the mat with each passing swing until he screams out a submission to end round one. The bad boy kneels down on Tyson’s back, flexes his baseball sized biceps in victory as his opponent lay defeated.

It’s round two and Tyson is in his corner hunched over in pain, as Ethan taunts him from the opposite corner, asking ‘how’s the back feel?’ As they come to center, the Tyson tries standing his ground by replying ‘it’s fine’ but to no avail. The bad boy connects with a boot to the gut that floors the naive rookie. Ethan starts on an all-out assault on the blond muscle stud’s legs, starting with a leg lock that includes a few stomps to the rookie’s abs, then a single leg boston crab, it continues with a reverse leg lock that has Tyson reaching for the ropes, then the street punk tops it all off by lacing Tyson’s legs around the ropes and exerting extreme pressure by twisting and turning. But just when you think this match is going to be over in two straight rounds, the rookie is able to make a surprising comeback. He catches Ethan with three straight elbows to the gut that drops the street punk. He clamps a full nelson and grapevine combo on Ethan’s lean muscled body and stretches him out. He pounds away on the bad boy’s body in the corners, then starts to attack his back. Tyson suplexes him around the ring, delivers a high flying fist into the small of Ethan’s back, then hoists him up over his shoulder. Can the rookie finish it in this round? He has the bad boy draped over his shoulder and arrogantly flexes his bicep for the camera. Ethan resists the pain, but when Tyson starts parading him around the ring like his captured prey, the street punk has no choice but to cry out a submission. In an astonishing turn of events, the rookie has claimed triumph in round two to even the match up at one round each! As the third and deciding round begins, the sweat has built up on both of their hot bodies and glistens like gold from the lighting. The rookie is full of vigor to start the action and gains the early momentum. His size and strength advantage is beginning to wear the bad boy down. But will it be enough? Can the rookie escape the muscle boy beating that Ethan usually dishes out in these matches? Or, will the dark haired bad boy take control of the blond muscle stud with his street punk style? One of these guys gets split and spladled, ab bashed and chocked out hard in the corner, before ultimately being stretched into submission to end this match. A match jam packed with thrilling action, unexpected twists and turns, hot bodies, and a shrieking screaming submission to a match you won’t want to miss!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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