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Dash Decker vs Josh Steel
Dash Decker vs Josh Steel

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Dash Decker vs Josh Steel

The surfer dude turned muscle stud Josh has been hitting the gym hard over the last year, but his surfer dude roots haven’t left him, and he’s also been known to be the party boy on the roster. He’s just finished up with an evening workout and is sitting on the ring apron chilling out and having a few beers as a reward. Rookie Dash is also hanging out in the gym wondering who his first opponent is going to be. Dash sports an impressive, ripped physique and has had success placing high in prominent bodybuilding competitions. He also has prior amateur wrestling experience and has been seeking an opportunity to see how he would fare in underground wrestling. Dash comes around the corner in red trunks, black boots and red socks and stumbles upon one of the roster’s rising superstars drinking, and he’s both surprised and unimpressed. Dash tells him ‘that’s not healthy’, and the surfer dude asks ‘who the fuck are you?’ They exchange digs until Josh asks ‘come on big guy, are you a poser or you want to come fight?’ Dash doesn’t back down and offers to show the wannabe bodybuilder some poses. The two muscle hunks climb thru the ropes and begin a bodybuilding pose down, comparing their huge arms, ripped abs, muscular backs, and delts and shoulders. Dash isn’t impressed with Josh’s bulky muscle and especially not his abs. He tells Josh to do his best abs pose, and with Josh a little loopy from drinking, he sticks out his belly to show off his beer pack. Dash has no time for this nonsense and delivers a swift kick to the drunken surfer dude’s leg that sends him reeling to the mat. The big rookie starts to stomp away on Josh with his big black boots, then drags him to the ropes to choke him out while driving his knee deep into the blond stud’s back. Dash not only has the advantage because Josh is drunk, but also seems to have a pure power over the popular pretty boy. The muscular bodybuilder backs Josh into the corner, slaps him in the face, then strikes with several stomps into Josh’s beer gut abs. You can get a sense that Dash has a mean streak waiting to come out, and Josh could be the one on the receiving end. The blond muscle hunk is taking a beating, but because he’s inebriated he’s not even noticing as he laughs at the punishment. Dash is willing and able to keep beating up on the half-baked surfer dude, placing him in a camel clutch by wrapping his massive ripped arms around Josh’s neck and reeling back. But when the rookie makes a rookie mistake, and pauses to pose his glorious body, Josh is able to re-group and take the rookie down. He attacks Dash’s shredded abs in retaliation, chokes him out with a rear choke hold, before driving Dash’s big arm up behind his back in a hammer lock that causes some pain. After several years on the Rock Hard roster, and enduring some beatings, Josh has learned his way around the ring and knows how to fight back. He continues putting the bodybuilder rookie through a series of punishing holds; sending his knee into his prize winning abs, lifting him high off the mat and stretching him out in a full nelson, then scoops him up and drives him to the mat with a power slam. It looks like Josh has sobered up fast, but just when you think he can end this rookie’s dream, he slips on what could have been a beer spill and the rookie takes the opportunity to regain the control. Both of these muscle studs are huffing and puffing at this point, but Dash is able to climb to his feet and stomps away at Josh’s muscles, then wraps his powerful thighs around Josh’s midsection and squeezes away. He inflicts pain on the woozy surfer dude with a single leg boston crab, then chokes him out with his boot in the corner turnbuckle, and culminates with two powerful body slams that has Josh dazed and confused. Dash drags him to his feet, laces Josh’s sweaty muscle bound body through the ropes, locks on a standing surfboard and starts pulling and stretching his body out in all directions. Josh screams out in pain as he’s trapped with nowhere to go. With Dash ravishing his body in the ropes, the blond surfer dude is compelled to scream out a submission to stop the agony. As Josh lay on the ropes, beaten, sore, and dazed, Dash flexes his mighty biceps in triumph ending round one.

Round two kicks off with Dash standing confident in his corner and Josh perplexed at what just happened. He admits round one sobered him up a bit and ‘that there’s one thing you shouldn’t do when your drunk…’, but before he can finish his sentence the rookie cuts him off to say, ‘and that’s wrestle me!’. The rookie exudes confidence in himself. The two muscle studs lock up their bulging arms in a test of strength, but Dash quickly transitions it to a headlock and drags the surfer dude down to the mat, telling him ‘I think you’re still drunk’. Dash brings the blond stud to his feet, whips him across the ring and connects with a clothesline that has Josh squirming on the mat in agony. But Dash isn’t done, he lifts Josh’s bulky, muscle bound body up then drops him over his knee into a backbreaker. Josh’s muscles are stretched out and draped over Dash’s knee. The bodybuilder rookie pushes down on Josh’s chin to inflict more punishment as he stares down at his prey with a grin on his face. Josh hasn’t taken a beating like this since his early days at Rock Hard, when both Ethan Andrews and Austin Cooper both dominated him in early matches. Dash continues to dictate the action; he bashes away at Josh’s abs in the corner turnbuckle, chokes him out over the bottom rope, and power slams him several times to the mat. Josh is just about finished but is able to sneak in a low blow to Dash’s package that crumbles the big bodybuilder to the mat. The sweat is now dripping off of both of these hot bods, and Josh is on the attack. He connects with several forearm smashes to Dash’s back, stomps his size 12 boots down on his body, then hoists the red clad wrestler up onto his back in a crucifix. As he parades Dash around the ring like a trophy, the studio lights highlight the rookie bodybuilder’s perfect sweat soaked physique. But Josh isn’t down yet; he flings Dash to the mat and places him in a seated surfboard to really stretch out Dash’s brawny arms and back. The experienced Josh has been able to claw his way back into this match, but can he make the rookie bodybuilder submit to even it up at one round a piece? Or, will Dash somehow muscle his way out of this predicament and teach the blond surfer stud a hard lesson, and chalk up an impressive victory in his debut? It’s a climatic ending between these two incredible studs in a must see showdown!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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