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Ethan Andrews vs Matt Engel
Ethan Andrews vs Matt Engel

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Ethan Andrews vs Matt Engel

Bad boy Ethan has not been happy since the new and improved, bigger and better Josh Steel put a beating on him in the final two rounds of their rematch revenge match a short while back. Ethan has made a name for himself in the underground wrestling world since coming to Rock Hard and being the street punk, bad boy who pounded and abused the pretty boy fitness model’s magnificent, muscular bodies. With that loss to Josh, and the fact that the blond surfer dude has turned into a more powerful heel than a chill surfer boy, Ethan is worried about losing his spot as the resident bad boy. So, when he heard he was going to have a shot at the Adonis like body of Matt Engel’s in this match up, he was wild with excitement. Meanwhile, Matt has burst onto the scene and has instantly become a fan favorite with his killer abs and captivating calves. He surprisingly pushed the superstar Jake Jenkins to the limit before succumbing to defeat in his debut match, but nonetheless, gained confidence in his abilities. This match begins with Ethan in long red lycra tights, that show off some of his best assets, and black boots. He’s salivating at the thought of getting his hands on Matt’s muscles, wanting to inflict pure pain and punishment on the pretty boy. Matt is in his corner wearing blue trunks and white boots which highlight his jaw dropping muscles. Round one opens with a little lively banter about the other’s hairstyles and Matt declaring ‘OK, let’s do this!’ Ethan attacks first with a headlock, then hip tosses the blond to the mat before connecting with several jabs to his abs. The bad boy continues his attack with an arm bar and figure four leg lock around Matt’s throat, demonstrating he’s the one in control. The dark haired street punk maintains the attack, pulling the muscle stud up to his feet then scooping him up and slamming him back to the mat. The rookie is in trouble and at a loss of how to fend off this attack by the much more experienced opponent. Ethan lifts Matt to his feet, backs him into the near corner, slaps his perfect pecs a few times, then whips him across the ring into the opposite corner and delivers a flying splash across the blond boy’s muscled torso. The street punk stomps his size 10 ½ black boot into the blond bombshells massive chest, then flips him to the mat. He places his knee across Matt’s neck, then the bad boy flexes his own bulging biceps in Matt’s face in defiance of the bodybuilder’s perfectly muscled physique. Ethan is having his way with Matt and is clearly enjoying every minute of it! The street punk loves beating up on the muscle boys, and Matt is just another one on his long list so far in this match. The muscle stud is finally able to work his way to his feet and when Ethan moves in on him he connects with a few punches to the street punk’s chest, then power slams him down to the mat. Matt stays on offense, rolling Ethan over into a double leg boston crab, and flexing his massive muscles to the max to exert extreme pressure on the lower back. The muscle stud pulls Ethan to his feet by his hair, slugs him on the side of his head before sending him into the ropes and catching him with a flying hip toss. The blond bombshell and his magnificent muscles are now in control and feeling it, taunting his smaller opponent as he withers on the mat, asking him ‘what do you weigh, about 110?’ He stalks around Ethan, then helps the bad boy to his feet, backs him into the corner turnbuckle and first connects with a knee to Ethan’s ripped abs, follows that up with a stomp to his aching abs with his white boot, and then a jab to finish off the trifecta ab attack. But the rookie blond bombshell is soon going to realize that what he just did only infuriated the veteran bad boy, and Ethan strikes back with a series of forearm smashes to the side of Matt’s head and several punches into his pristine abs that floors the rookie. Ethan lifts him back up, drops him across his knee into an over the knee back breaker that has Matt’s muscled torso stretched limp across the street punks knee. Ethan stretches him out real good and makes him suffer before shoving him to the mat, then places him in an extreme version of a boston crab with Ethan’s knee right between Matt’s shoulder blades which causes insane pain. Ethan then starts softening the rookie up by chocking him over the top rope, then placing all of his weight on him by sitting on top of Matt’s shoulders while he’s choked out across the top rope. Once the bad boy is satisfied that he’s drained all the fight out of his opponent, he laces the blond rookie’s killer body through the ropes, stretching his muscles out on full display. Matt cries out ‘I’m done’ as he suffers in the ropes, but the bad boy hadn’t asked for a submission and continues to punish his body until the muscle stud can take no more and cries out a submission. Ethan flexes his sweaty biceps over his prey, then decides to strip off his boots declaring in disgust ‘you don’t even deserve to wear these boots’ to bring an end to round one.

Round two begins with the blond muscle stud stripped to his bare feet and rubbing his aching back. He tries to deflect the trash talk to his impressive calve muscles, and while Ethan does acknowledge they do look good, he says they really aren’t going to help him. And with that, Ethan strikes with a kick to Matt’s knee making him crumble to the mat. Ethan continues stomping and attacking the rookies legs and feet in search of an advantage. Does the blond bombshell have enough in him to fend off another attack and mount a comeback on the street punk? Or will bad boy Ethan flex his own muscles and stay on the attack to torture and torment Matt’s Adonis like body, and chalk up yet another victory over a pretty boy muscle model? All the sweat soaked action leads to a muscle flex fest before one of these studs is laid out on the mat in defeat, and the other flexing his mighty muscles in victory.

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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