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Brodie Fisher vs Luke Harrison
Brodie Fisher vs Luke Harrison

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Brodie Fisher vs Luke Harrison

Teen bodybuilder Brodie is in the ring, bouncing around, flexing, and posing his spectacular physique in anticipation of this match. He’s salivating at the thought of using his big muscles against the freshman twink Luke’s smaller, lean body. Brodie has chalked up a respectable record since joining Rock Hard, going 3-2 in his singles matches and a remarkable 3-0 in his tag team matches. He’s impressive teen muscles have gained a lot of attention in the underground wrestling world and he has amassed quite a large fan base. Luke has flashed on the scene as a former standout high school wrestler, and has extensive experience with other video work on the net. Although he’s winless to date, losing to both Josh Steel and Brian Baker, he’s dished out his own share of punishment in his matches. He climbs into the ring in his black wrestling singlet to confront Brodie, and you quickly notice the size difference in this match up. Brodie starts the trash talking right away saying ‘I got all hyped up this morning for this? I ate a bigger breakfast!’ as he plays with the twink’s mind. They lock up and Brodie immediately takes the control, scooping the featherweight up then carrying him around the ring before slamming him to the mat. He prowls and circles over his opponent like a vulture before wrapping his massive thighs around Luke’s 28 waist and starts squeezing away. Brodie taunts Luke as he squirms to escape, he shoves the twink’s face down into the mat and tells him ‘struggle you little shrimp’ as Luke seeks a way to escape. After the teen bodybuilder has squeezed long enough with the leg scissors, he lifts Luke to his feet, rips he singlet down, then sends him across the ring, setting him up for a clothesline that floors him to the mat. Brodie doesn’t let up and follows that with a suplex, a standing full nelson, and ends this series of holds with a reverse bearhug that has Luke struggling for a way to escape. Brodie tosses him to the mat, only to drag him back to his feet, throw him across the ring, then delivers a flying somersault shoulder thrust into Luke’s abs that cripples the poor boy. Brodie continues to beat up on Luke’s body, making him suffer in a seated surfboard and having all the momentum on his side. But, when the teen bodybuilder gets a little too cocky on himself and starts posing his eye popping muscles in the center of the ring, it briefly provides a chance for Luke to strike back. When Brodie is in the middle of a double bicep pose, the high school wrestler seizes the moment to rush in from behind and clamp on a full nelson. He lifts the shorter bodybuilder to his feet and starts swinging him around. He drops Brodie to the mat and starts delivering some payback. Luke might not have the size advantage in this match, but he is an experienced scholastic wrestler and knows how to inflict pain. He scissors his long legs around Brodie’s waist and begins to squeeze and torture his muscular body. Luke gets to his feet as Brodie lie suffering on the mat, then locks on a double leg boston crab which has Brodie groaning in pain and reaching for the ropes. Luke stays on the offensive, making Brodie pay with a grapevine and full nelson combo on the mat, stretching Brodie’s body out on full display as the twink is having his way with the teen bodybuilder. But when Luke tries to make Brodie eat some mat, Brodie uses his muscle advantage to push up and throw the flyweight off of his back. Brodie takes back the control and goes on an all-out attack on Luke. He beats him down with a full nelson camel clutch, chokes him out over the middle rope, then hoists him up over his broad, muscular shoulders to wreak havoc on his back. Luke is in some desperate pain, and Brodie has his opponent ready to finish him off. He drops Luke’s withering body to the mat, delivers a knee drop to his back, then scoops him back up and drops him over his knee into an over the knee backbreaker. Luke cries out in pain, while Brodie bashes his abs until he yells out a submission to escape the agony. Round one goes to the teen bodybuilder as he celebrates by flashing his bulging muscles.

Round two opens with Luke rubbing his sore ribs, and Brodie bouncing off the ropes like he’s just chugged down four red bulls. The teen bodybuilder challenges the littler Luke to a test of strength, knowing full well he’ll easily win this challenge. Brodie powers Luke down to his knees then kicks him in square the chest with his black boot to send the twink to the mat. Brodie is back on the attack and full of vigor, wanting to ensure he ends this match in two straight falls. He stomps away relentlessly on Luke’s abs before cinching on a double leg boston crab to inflict additional pain on his lower back. Brodie controls the action by attacking every part of Luke’s lean body and is close to finishing him off, but somehow Luke is able to make a comeback by lifting the teen bodybuilder up off his feet and slamming him to the mat in his own show of strength. Luke has been willing to take on all challengers and won’t give in easy, and you can see the delight in his face as he disperses the punishment on Brodie’s muscles. He stretches the teen’s body out in a bow and arrow on the mat, then strings him upside down in the corner into a tree of woe and begins stomping and bashing away on his ripped abs. Brodie is in trouble, but is able to draw on his inner strength to regain the control. The muscle boy goes back to attacking Luke’s back with a series of holds that has the twink moaning and groaning in pain. Once Brodie senses he’s softened Luke up enough to finish him off he pulls him back into his lap and starts choking him to sap any last ounce of resistance. Brodie then uses his superior muscles and agility to hoist Luke up across his massive shoulders into a torture rack. Luke is trapped in a painful predicament and has no other choice but to tap and cry out ‘I submit’ to end round two and the match. The bodybuilder has slayed another opponent with his teen muscles, and poses his incredible powerful body over his victim in triumph!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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