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Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper
Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper

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Ethan Andrews vs Austin Cooper

This match is straight up Street Punk vs College Hunk! The bad boy Ethan has been on the prowl for revenge on college hunk Austin for some time now. Ethan has been fuming since he was humiliated, along with his partner Jason Kane, in their tag team match up against Jake Jenkins and Austin Cooper where they were manhandled and completely dominated in a losing effort in two consecutive rounds. Street punk Ethan has had trouble finding a tag team partner that can mix it up with the muscle boys like he does, but heís been able to string five consecutive singles victories together over muscle hunks; Jake, Zack, Josh, Alexi, and Brodie as of late. Heís been dominant over guys much bigger than him with his bad boy attitude and tactics in the ring. Finally, heís been able to track down the college hunk Austin for a singles match where he can gain revenge on the beefy, ripped redhead. Coop has also been on quite a winning streak himself, going 8-1 overall, with the lone loss being his singles match against his Ďformerí partner Jake. After Jake found out that he had went behind his back and partnered with Brodie Fisher in another tag team match. Jake didnít take kindly to that and made Coop pay for that. Who knows if weíll see Jake and Austin get back on the same page and continue their domination as a tag team? But in this match, Coop has enough to worry about, taking on a very confident and very mad Ethan! Austin is already in the ring pumping some dumbbells in preparation for his showdown with the street punk. He tries to psyche out the smaller street punk with his impressive biceps and meaty pecs. Donít know if thatís going to work since Ethan hasnít been afraid of the other hunkís muscles, and in fact gains pleasure out of beating up on their extraordinary physiques. The street punk climbs through the ropes saying Ďthereís the soulless ginger Iíve been looking forí and telling the muscle hunk how heís already mowed through his butt buddy Jake, so Coopís next on his list. Of course the muscle hunk isnít easily intimidated and tells Ethan heís probably just jealous of his muscles as he flexes and poses in front of him. Ethan allows him to hit a few poses then figures heís seen enough and strikes first with a cheap shot kick to Coopís back. Coopís muscular body collapses to the mat, and the street punk quickly goes on the attack. He drags the redhead over to the ropes and places his neck across the lower rope then stands on his shoulders and begins choking him. When heís finished with that, he bounces up in the air and comes down with a knee to Coopís back. Ethan then drags the big redhead to his feet, places him in a reverse head lock and drops him down on top of his knee. Coopís magnificent body is laid out across the street punkís knee. Ethan is showing right away whoís in control of this match as he tortures the college hunkís muscles and puts him on display for all to see. He continues beating up on the college hunkís body; making him agonize in a surfboard, delivering a few roundhouse black boots into his midsection, then backs him into the corner turnbuckle and pulverizes his perfect pecs and bashes his rippled abs. The street punk is obviously enjoying the domination by the bulge in his trunks, but that is short lived as Coop is able to reverse the tide and atomic drops the street punk down on his knee. Ethan falls to the match, grapping his crotch and wondering what just happened? Austin dishes out his share of punishment on the street punk by plunging his knee deep into Ethanís chest, hanging him upside down in a tree of woe, and driving an ab claw deep into his midsection. But it isnít enough to finish the street punk off, and when Ethan ducks under a clothesline attempt and drop kicks Coop, the momentum shifts again. Ethan assaults Coopís body from every angle, softening him up with a flying elbow drop off the ropes, backing him against the ropes to deliver several heavy forearm smashes to his pecs, then bulldogs the ginger face first into the mat. The street punk seizes the opportunity to lock on a reverse scorpion leg lock that exerts enormous pressure on the college hunkís lower back. He keeps yanking on the hold and increasing the pressure until Austin canít withstand the pain any longer and screams out a submission. The street punk chalks up a victory in round one, placing his boot on Coopís lower back, and proudly flexing over his crumbled opponent.

Austin opens round two challenging the skinny street punk to a test of strength, figuring he better change up the direction of this match or he could go down in two straight falls. The college hunkís muscles easily overpower Ethan, as Coop swiftly clamps his big bicep around the bad boyís head into a stern headlock. Coop drags him around a bit before powering him down to the mat, first placing his knee across Ethanís throat, then digging his hands into the punkís pecs, before placing him into a bow and arrow which has the bad boy squirming to escape and stretched to the limits. Ethan is able to endure the onslaught of holds and applies a mean camel clutch, making Coop smile widely as he places his fingers in the sides of his mouth and stretches his grin. The bad boy also delivers a running low blow to Coopís jewels that nearly bring an end to this match. But Austin has proven he wonít go down easy and heís able to bring the advantage back to his side. The big brawny redhead drops the punk with a clothesline, then figure fourís his head, squeezing with all his might and nearly knocks the street punk out. Coop keeps the pressure on, suplexing and slamming his much lighter opponent down on the mat. When Coop calculates that he has his opponent beaten down and nearly unconscious, he sets him up for the kill. The muscular redhead stands on the back of the punkís skinny legs, grabs his skinny arms, and lifts him back into a suspended surfboard applying immense pressure to the bad boyís neck and back. Ethan is able to endure the pain until Coop then places his hands around his chin and starts yanking back his head which increases the intense pain and pressure. The street punk has no other choice but to submit to the hunkís muscles. This evens the match at one round for the punk and one round for the hunk! The third and deciding round opens with the street punk shooting the finger across the ring at his opponent, pissed about the punishment he just endured at the hands of the muscle bound veteran. Austin grabs the advantage to start round three with his superior strength and tactical moves. But will that be enough for the college hunk to extract another submission from the street punk? Or, will Ethan be able to mount a comeback relying on his street punk style and bad boy attitude to rip apart yet another muscle stud on the roster? You donít see this type of electrifying ring action anywhere else! This epic showdown ends with one of these superstars begging for mercy, and getting punk'ed to submit in a stunning surprise defeat!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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