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Luke Harrison vs Brian Baker
Luke Harrison vs Brian Baker

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Luke Harrison vs Brian Baker

The goliath like giant rookie Brian debuted against the much more experienced veteran Austin Cooper in his debut match and was taught a tough wrestling lesson, losing in two straight falls to the red haired wonder. Ever since, he’s been itching to get back into the ring and prove he’s capable of competing. On the other hand, Luke went up against a bigger, more muscular Josh Steel in his first match and pushed him to the limits before eventually being over powered by Josh’s superior muscles. Since then, Luke’s been thinking his amateur wrestling skills will help chalk up some victories to improve his record. But in this small vs tall match, he’s giving up 6 inches and 65 pounds to his opponent, a very challenging endeavor. This contest opens with the 6’4” all-around athlete Brian in the ring, taking out his frustration by working over a beach volleyball, something he’s familiar with since growing up in a coastal town. He’s anxious to avenge his debut defeat, and is looking forward to taking on his much smaller opponent. Luke climbs through the ropes and into the ring with a confident swagger, immediately taunting Brian saying, ‘look at this guy, he has no life, he has to sit here and play with a volleyball’. Brian replies ‘I’m going to do this to your head’, and Luke assuredly telling the titan ‘I’m not scared of you!’. When the action starts, Brian first clamps on a claw hold on Luke’s head then switches to clawing his pecs and backing him into the corner turnbuckle. From the onset, it’s apparent that Brian has set out to use his superior size and grip strength on his much smaller opponent He allows the amateur wrestler out of the corner, and Luke taunts him asking ‘is that all you got?’. That might not be the smartest strategy when you’re facing a much taller, more muscular opponent! The goliath giant starts toying with Luke, clawing him at every turn. He suplexes him to the mat, connects with several heavy stomps of his size 14 boot on his back, then rolls him over to drive an ab claw deep into Luke’s midsection. The amateur wrestler is familiar with being on the bottom from his other video work, but not in this type of predicament. He struggles and squirms to break free, but that doesn’t happen until Brian decides he’s going to release the hold. He allows Luke to get to his feet, then clamps on a pec claw and makes him suffer against the ropes. He then picks up Luke’s 140 pound body, lifts him up across his shoulders, then spins him around in the ring before dropping him to the mat. Luke wobbles up to his feet, but his head is still spinning and isn’t quite sure what to do. Brian picks him up and slams him to the mat, then gets down and laces his long spider like legs around Luke’s 28” waist and tries to squeeze him into a submission. The colossal giant tells his littler opponent that he better quit or he’s going to break his arm, as he twists and stretches Luke’s arm out adding agony to the pain. Remarkably, the amateur wrestler is able to endure the hurt and Brian releases the leg scissors. Luke climbs to his feet and Brian goes back on the attack, clawing away on every inch of Luke’s lean body. Brian dominates this round as Luke just can’t find an opening to change the momentum. Brian is determined to make the punk pay for questioning his skills and his tremendous grip, and claws him at every opportunity. Brian latches on a claw hold on Luke’s skull as he lay on the mat, squeezing as hard as he can, delivering a brain numbing sensation that his inferior opponent just can’t escape. Brian seizes the moment to end this match, not wanting to waste any more of his time. He lifts Luke to his feet, backs him against the ropes with a claw locked onto his head, then drives his knee into Luke’s chest and applies the pain until Luke can’t take it anymore and cries out a submission. The colossal giant declares triumph in round one!

Round two starts and Luke is crouched over in his corner, and has got to be fighting off some serious migraine headaches at this point. He can barely stand or see straight, and the giant is ready to deliver more torture. This time, he wraps his long muscular arms around Luke’s torso and lifts him into a front facing bear hug. Luke tries to push away and break free, but he doesn’t have the size nor the strength to match up with Brian. The giant rookie continues tossing Luke around the ring at will, clawing and clobbering him every chance he gets. He tortures the amateur wrestler, imposing his will and making him suffer in a series of holds; including dropping his withered body across his knee into an over the knee backbreaker while bashing away at his abs, hoisting the 140 pound amateur up and over his shoulder into a back breaker, and then drops him to the mat and wraps another leg scissors around Luke’s badly beaten body. Luke just can’t catch a break in this match, and Brian continues to dominate the action. In a display of superiority and showmanship Brian hoists Luke up over his head, and presses his helpless body high over his head, as Luke dangles over 7 feet high above the ring floor! The giant drops him to the floor and Luke lands with a big thud and is stunned at this point. Brian continues to make him suffer, clawing his abs, pecs, and head until Luke is so worn down he isn’t able to defend himself any longer. Brian drags him up to his feet, claws his head against the corner turnbuckle, then places him in a reverse choke hold and continues to claw away on Luke’s skull until he finally surrenders to the cruelty. Luke’s shriveled body crumbles to the mat as the giant proclaims ‘that was easy!’. Brian flexes his impressive body over his badly beaten opponent and secures his first victory here at Rock Hard in imposing fashion!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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