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Josh Steel vs Luke Harrison
Josh Steel vs Luke Harrison

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Josh Steel vs Luke Harrison
The match opens with Luke Harrison in the ring, going through a series of amateur warm ups in preparation for his debut match. Luke is a former high school wrestler from the South, with extensive amateur background, who contacted Rock Hard with an interest in joining the roster. He is smaller than the typical fitness models and bodybuilders that rule the ring, but he thinks he can make up for his size difference with his tenacity and arsenal of amateur moves. He requested his debut match be set up to take on Josh, since both of these guys sort of know each other from their other video work on the net. With that backdrop, this match was set up as a high stakes loser gets stripped match! Josh has previous experience in the ring, and since his early matches has put on a considerable amount of muscle and weight. He’s as big as ever, and his body has never looked better! Josh sits on the apron and watches Luke go through his warm-ups, nearly salivating to get his hands on Luke’s innocence and much smaller physique.The blond stud climbs through the ropes, asking ‘you trying to be a wrestler now boy?’, and ridicules him saying ‘interesting, what you got then man?’ Luke, not backing down, retorts ‘enough to take you down’, which initiates the action for round one. They lock up, and shockingly, the smaller Luke scoops Josh up and tosses him to the mat, following up with a stomp to his gut. The slim rookie rolls the blond muscle boy over to his back, kicks him a few times for good measure, then slaps on a full nelson and grapevine which has Josh stretched out and wondering what the hell is happening! Luke is off to a quick, impressive start, controlling Josh’s bigger, muscular body, even making him eat some mat within the first few minutes. Who would have guessed this was going to happen between these two porn star rivals? Luke lets the blond muscle boy get to his feet, then sends him across the ring and delivers a clothesline against Josh’s massive pecs.He drops to the mat, and Luke stays on the attack applying a bow and arrow, spreading the surfer boy’s impressive new muscles out on display. Luke is in total control of the more experienced muscle boy, and seems somewhat unimpressed with his wrestling skills, as he lifts him to his feet into a full nelson, and parades his ass around the ring. But Josh’s fury finally awakens when he uses his brute force to break free from the full nelson, reverses Luke, then picks him up and slams him down to the mat. Josh starts to use his superior size advantage and ring savvy to start delivering a beating on his rival. He connects with several stomps on Luke, saying ‘I must have underestimated you a little bit’ as he towers over him on the mat. Josh kicks him into the corner, then begins to reign down on him with a flurry of fists into Luke’s abs. As Josh connects with every shot, the amateur wrestler cries out in pain. The blond muscle boy is now in control, and he drags Luke to his feet by a fistful of hair, before throwing him into the corner turnbuckle, then stomping away with his white boots on his smaller opponent. Josh sends him off the ropes and delivers his own clothesline across Luke’s chest, proclaiming, ‘that’s for earlier bitch!’ Josh then begins to stomp away on Luke’s legs, making him suffer and wearing him down, before setting him up to finish him off. The blond muscle stud locks a figure four leg lock on Luke’s long, lanky legs and also bashes away at his abs as he screams out in pain. Little Luke can’t bear the immense pressure and pain, and is forced to tap out a submission to his rival to end round one.

Round two opens and Luke ‘s ego is a little bruised, along with his body, as he comes out of his corner claiming he can still take Josh down. Josh takes control and clamps his huge bicep around Luke’s head in a show of who’s got the real muscle in this match up. He hip tosses Luke to the mat, then wraps his well-developed thighs around Luke’s 28” waist and starts squeezing the shit out of him while bashing away on his abs. Josh tortures him some more, lacing his body through the ring ropes, extending him and applying the pain with a full nelson. But Luke has been in wrestling matches before, and is able to fend off the attack. Just when you thought this match was going to end in two straight falls for the blond muscle boy, Luke is able to take advantage of an opening and goes on the offensive. Shockingly, he hoists Josh of his feet and slams his beautiful body to the mat. Josh is stunned, and Luke stays on the attack. He stomps away on Josh’s muscles, then lifts him up into a full nelson, parades him around the mat before decking him with a clothesline and taunting ‘no pain, no gain!’ Luke commands Josh to get to his feet, and once he does, Luke suplexes him back to down to the mat. Luke is feeling it, and he knows he’s in total control of the blond muscle boy. He stomps Josh in his abs to soften him up, then lifts him to his feet, only to pick him back up and slam him to the mat. Once more he helps his rival to his feet, scoops him up, walks him around the ring, and then drops him across his knee into an over the knee backbreaker. With Josh’s beautifully muscled body draped across his knee, he stretches him to the extreme. Luke inflicts severe pain, pushing down with all his might on Josh’s chin until he finally succumbs and cries out a submission. Luke bashes him in the abs for good measure, and then stomps on his back claiming victory in round two.The third and deciding round begins with Luke full of energy in his corner, anxious to get his hands back on his rival’s muscles. But Josh has a huge size advantage and intends to use it. Both of these porn star rivals know that the loser is getting stripped in the end, and both will do whatever it takes to be the one doing the stripping. Huge egos and reputations are on the line, as these two battle to the end until one of these guys is left lying on the mat, stripped out of his gear! A must see match!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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