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Ethan Andrews & Aaron Travers vs Will Stanley & Jason Kane
Ethan Andrews & Aaron Travers vs Will Stanley & Jason Kane

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Ethan Andrews & Aaron Travers vs Will Stanley & Jason Kane

After Ethan coached Aaron on how to put a 2 on 1 major thrashing on the brit boxer, Will, he decided to give Aaron a shot as his tag team partner in an upcoming match. It�s been a challenge for Ethan to find a tag team partner with similar qualities as the bad boy, and one who enjoys beating up on the muscle boys. So, when Will got wind of this development, he decided to go out and recruit his own tag partner, and chose Jason Kane, who is similar in size and has garnered some ring experience in his years here at Rock Hard. Both teams are already in their respective corners to start the match, and it opens with bad boy Ethan facing off against the brit boy Will. Ethan is rubbing his hands together in anticipation of getting the opportunity to put another whooping on Will, and can�t wait for it to start. The bad boy taunts him asking �who are you� and saying he has �an annoying accent�, playing head games with him. With a grin on his face, he plants a boot to Will�s gut, then follows up with several knees to his midsection that send him to the mat. The street punk stomps him a couple times, then lifts him into a camel clutch, and starts cranking back on his neck asking� does that hurt?� Ethan is clearly enjoying beating up on the brit fitness model with a wide grin on his face and a large package in his trunks. He continues to put will through a series of punishing holds until the brit is finally able to work himself over to his corner and tag in Jason. Jason has his own bone to pick with Ethan, he also suffered mightily at the hands of the bad boy in a previous singles match. Jason jumps through the ropes full of energy and is able to connect with several stomps and then stretches the bad boy�s lean muscled body out in a standing surfboard. Ethan suffers in the hold, but is able to survive until tagging in Aaron. Jason toys with the smaller rookie, jabbing him in the gut, then lifting him up and carrying him around the ring before slamming down on the mat. He forces Aaron over into his team�s corner for a double team pasting as Will holds him in a headlock, and Jason connects with a series of shoulder drives into his abs. Jason suplexes the lightweight Aaron out of the corner and across the ring, providing an opportunity for him to tag Ethan, and at the same time Jason tags Will back into the match. This time, Will gains the advantage on the smaller street punk and makes him agonize as he stretches Ethan�s legs and crotch wide open on the mat. The bad boy squirms and struggles to keep his manhood package intact in his gold colored trunks while he looks for a way to escape. Ethan has shown he�s capable of enduring a lot of pain, and in this match it�s no different, he is able to break away from Will and get back to his feet. He locks up with Will, clenching his neck, and delivers a few knees to Will�s ribs. He backs the fitness model back into the ropes and starts bashing away at his six pack abs. Will crumbles in the corner, and Ethan stays on the attack. He stomps on Will�s muscled chest, then picks up his legs, drags him to the center of the ring, and flips him over into a boston crab. The street punk has it locked on tight, and as he sits his butt on top of the brit�s butt, he arches back with full force putting immense pressure on Will�s lower back. Will is crying out in pain, as Jason encourages him to get out of the hold, but the bad boy knows he has his muscle boy prey right where he wants him. He then transitions the hold to a mma style leg lock, punching away on Will�s muscular thighs to soften him up for the finish. Ethan releases the leg lock, stands up and laces Will�s legs into a figure four leg lock, and with some help from Aaron, inflicts severe pain. Will is screaming and squirming, even trying to tag in Jason, but there�s no escape, and Ethan demands he taps out. Will endures it as long as he can, but finally succumbs to the bad boy and taps out to end round one. Ethan places his black boot on Will�s chest, flexes his biceps, and celebrates making the brit muscle boy another one of his bitches in the ring.

Round two begins with Will steaming mad, as he goes on the offensive with Ethan. Will gets in some payback punishment on the street punk for what he did to him in round one, but Ethan is able to break away and tag in Aaron. But Will is so fired up after round one it doesn�t matter who his opponent is, he�s determined to dish out some pain. As soon as Aaron enters the ring, Will catches him with a kick to the stomach, then suplexes him down to the mat, and kicks Aaron�s abs some more. Aaron is able to flip the momentum and gets some good shots in on Will�s body, but Will tags in a fresh Jason, and he is revved up to take control of the smaller dancer boy. Jason defeated Aaron in their previous singles match, and he�s on a mission to make him hurt again in this match. He surprises Aaron with a few thrusting shoulder drives into his abs in the corner turnbuckle, suplexes him down to the mat, the places Aaron is a surfboard. Aaron defiantly screams out �pull harder, pull harder� and Jason obliges stretching Aaron out even more with the strength of his massive, bulging arms. Jason and Will focus on the rookie in this round, beating his body with a 2 on 1 attack, pulling is hair, and nearly snapping his arm in half with an arm lock. Even though the dancer boy is a rookie, he surprisingly is able to endure quite a bit of pain. But, after a double team strangle hold and boot across the throat weakens Aaron, Will picks him up, slams him back down to the mat, then stomps away at his abs. He senses that Aaron�s sweaty body has endured as much of a beating that it�s capable of enduring, so he drags him to his feet and hoists his body over his muscular shoulders, placing him into a painful torture rack. Will taunts him by walking Aaron around the ring as he�s strewn across his shoulders, and then puts the heavy squeeze on Aaron bending him like a pretzel. Will uses his bulging biceps to nearly break Aaron in half, before he screams out a submission to end round two. The third and deciding round starts with Will and Aaron back in the ring, and Will continues his assault on the rookie. Can Team Will/Jason maintain the upper hand on their smaller opponents? Or, will Ethan and Aaron be able to mount a comeback on the two perfectly muscled fitness models and claim a victory in their first match as tag team partners? The final round is packed with a lot of muscle flexing and full-sized egos in non-stop action, leading up to a very surprising finish!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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