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Josh Steel vs Jason Kane
Josh Steel vs Jason Kane

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Josh Steel vs Jason Kane

Jason is feeling good about himself after beating up on the new boy, Aaron Travers, in his last match. Today, he�s in the ring flexing his sensational teen muscles in front of the mirror, admiring all the work he�s put in with the weights, and how much attention his physique has received in the fitness world lately. He�s more confident in his wrestling abilities these days, and is looking forward to his match against another one of the new rookies on the roster, Josh Steel. Josh has had a rough start here at Rock Hard, getting his muscular body beat up on by bad boy Ethan Andrews in his debut match, then just falling short of victory against another rookie, teen bodybuilder Brodie Fisher, who just had a little too much for Josh to handle. Josh climbs thru the ropes to find Jason flexing away in the mirror and decides to enter into a flex off competition with the Clark Kent look-a-like. Both of these teenagers have stunning muscular bodies, and like showing off their muscles for the camera. As Josh tries to out flex the taller Jason, Jason takes exception to his antics and backs the blond surfer boy back into the corner and drives a fist into his abs to start things off in round one. Jason is the aggressor early on, bashing away at Josh�s abs, then sends him reeling to the mat with a clothesline. Jason stomps on his back, before pulling him up by his long, blond locks into a camel clutch that has Josh�s beautiful tanned body stretched out while Jason flexes his massive bicep in his face. The teen sensation continues to put a whooping on the blonde surfer boy, dropping him over his knee into an over the knee backbreaker, then making him suffer in a standing surfboard, displaying Josh�s well-built body as he�s cries out in pain. Josh is able to fend off the attack, and takes advantage of an opening to reverse the momentum. He strikes Jason with a punch to the gut, forces him to the mat with an elbow on the back, then rolls him over and locks on a double leg boston crab that has Jason�s long, lean muscular body strained in agony, and applying immense pressure to his lower back. After Josh makes him suffer some more with a full nelson, he makes a rookie mistake by gloating over Jason laying on the mat instead of going in for the kill. Jason gets to his feet and sends an elbow into Josh�s gut, backs him into the corner, and then delivers a few stomps to the blonde muscle boy�s abs that send him slumping to the mat.As both of these teen muscle boys are working up a good sweat and vying for control, Jason places Josh in a boston crab in an attempt to gain a submission. When Josh doesn�t submit to that hold, Jason draws on his previous ring experience and focuses his attention on making the surfer dude�s back suffer some more. Jason places his size 12 white boots in the small of Josh�s back, and is determined to �hang 10� on the surfer boy, stretching his stunning body out in another surfboard, exerting all of his muscle and power, until Josh is forced to submit to the taller teen sensation to end round one. Jason celebrates his hard fought triumph by placing his boot on the back of Josh�s neck and flexing his massive, bulging, baseball sized biceps over his beaten opponent.

Round two opens and Josh comes out of his corner saying, �bring it on� as Jason ignores the taunt and walks straight over and sends a quick boot stomp to Josh�s upper thigh, then sends him down to the mat with a heavy forearm smash to the back. Jason seems to be enjoying the role of heel in this match, maybe he�s growing into delivering the punishment instead of receiving the punishment? Jason flips the blonde muscle boy over and stretches him out in a bow and arrow, as Josh flails to escape. Jason continues to dish out the abuse; pulling the surfer dude up by his golden locks into a camel clutch, then scoops him up, walks him around the ring, and then drops his muscular body over his knee into a backbreaker. Jason seems to be in total control as he picks Josh up and slams him to the mat several times, but when he reaches down to drag Josh by his hair to his feet, the blonde boy has finally had enough of all the hair pulling and is able to connect with a fist to Jason�s ripped abs that has the teen sensation reeling. Josh starts an assault on Jason for payback; stomping away at his back, then pulling him into a surfboard to hang ten on Jason lean muscular body, before clamping on a leg scissors and squeezing the energy right out of the teen sensation. He then drags Jason up by his hair to his feet, walks him over and chokes him over the top rope. Josh continues his beating on Jason, lacing his tall, strapping body between the ropes then pulls back on both of his arms with full force. Jason grimaces in pain, but also seems to be stimulated by the beating Josh is dishing out. Josh keeps on the attack, scoop slamming Jason to the mat, tossing him around the ring and stomping away on his body, in anticipation of finishing him off. Josh pulls Jason�s sweaty body up and cinches on a tight camel clutch, yanking back on the teen sensation�s neck until he can�t endure the pain any longer and submits round two to the golden tanned surfer dude. Josh celebrates his conquest forcing Jason�s face into the mat, then flexing his own eye popping bicep flex for his fans. The third and decisive round begins with Jason coming out of his corner, playing possum that he�s still in pain before surprising Josh with a quick boot to his midsection, Jason takes control, whipping the blonde muscle boy across the ring and catches him with a clothesline. Can the teen sensation Jason dominate the less experienced Josh in this round and chalk up another victory, or will the blonde muscular surfer boy be able to regain control and continue his payback assault on Jason�s lean, teen well-built body and earn his first win?One of these sweaty, teen muscle boys makes the opponent his bitch in this match, stretching him over his knee in a rousing backbreaker finishing hold that has the loser begging for it to stop!
All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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