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Jason Kane vs Aaron Travers
Jason Kane vs Aaron Travers

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Jason Kane vs Aaron Travers

Jason has been taking his lumps since he joined the roster. This impressive, muscular 19 year old has been making a sensational impact in the fitness modeling world, and has chalked up some wrestling experience along the way in the Rock Hard ring. Recently, he has trimmed down his impressive body, and is now has the look of a lean fighting machine. The question is, does he have enough confidence in the ring to secure his first victory? In this match up, he takes on the rookie Aaron, who heard about Rock Hard Wrestling thru the dancing circuit, and wanted to give it a shot. Aaron has little ring experience, but a high threshold for pain, and is eager to make his mark at the expense of the jobber. Aaron enters the ring in green square cuts, black boots, and a nicely tanned body. Jason comes thru the ropes in blue square cuts and white boots that highlight his new, leaner muscular all-American look. He immediately questions the newbie, saying ‘woe, hold up there dumb muscle, what are you new here?’, then proclaiming this is his ring and tells Aaron he’s got to step out now. Aaron doesn’t listen, and they quickly lock up with one another, testing their strength. Astonishingly, Aaron is able to take Jason down with a single leg, straddles him, and then starts delivering a cascade of forearm smashes to the teen sensations well-developed chest. He continues to stomp and bash away, and then scissors his legs around Jason’s neck from behind and starts toying with the muscle boy, thrashing him around the mat. A very surprising start to this match, maybe Jason doesn’t have it in him as to how to win a match, since he hasn’t won one yet. The rookie makes Jason suffer on the mat a bit longer before lifting him to his feet, spins him around, locks arms, and then lift him up onto his back in a crucifix that has Jason’s lean muscular body draped over Aaron’s back, as he cries out in pain. Aaron parades him around the ring, looking for a submission, the teen sensation’s magnificent body stretched out and on full display, but it’s too early for Jason to submit . Aaron drags him back up to his feet, throws him across the ring with the intent of delivering a clothesline, but Jason uses his ring experience to duck under Aaron and lock on a full nelson to take control.He flails Aaron around before dropping him on his butt. Jason pulls Aaron up to his feet, scoops him up, carries him around the ring like a sack of potatoes, showing him all four corners of the ring and declaring ‘this is my ring, all mine’, before ultimately slamming him hard down to the mat. Asking Aaron if that’s sunk in, and him replying ‘no’, Jason uses his brawn to pick the rookie up two more times, parading him around the ring, and slamming him to the mat, sending a message that it better sink in soon! The teen sensation has found his groove, and continues to beat up on Aaron’s fit physique. He backs him into the corner and uses his size and strength advantage to zap the rookies strength with a series of punches to the gut and shoulder thrusts, before suplexing him down to the mat. Jason seizes the opportunity to pick him up and slam down twice more, and then picks his withered body up one last time and drops him over his knee into an over the knee backbreaker. The teen sensation clamps his huge muscles down across Aaron’s body stretching his back to the max, forcing his hand down on his chin for maximum pressure until the rookie screams out a submission to end round one. Jason towers over his beaten opponent, asserting it his ring, and posing his magnificent teen body in triumph.

For the start of round two, Jason comes out of his corner rubbing his hands together in anticipation of putting another beat down on the rookie, and asking him ‘you ready for another?’ He catches Aaron off guard with a quick fist to the gut that knocks him to the mat. Jason flips him over on his back, and clamps on a camel clutch, and cranks Aarons head back and forth, taunting him by flexing his massive bicep in his face, displaying his domination. The teen sensation is having fun beating up on the rookie, and oddly enough, it appears that Aaron is enjoying the pain! Jason is pretty much having his way in this round, until Aaron catches him with a leg scissors around his waist, then starts applying the pressure in an attempt to squeeze the crap right out of the tall model boy. Aaron continues his comeback, locking on a figure four leg lock that has Jason’s muscles tensed and in agony, as the dancer boy applies even more pressure. But Jason is able to ward off the pain, and refuses to submit. With a number of ring appearances under his belt, and experience going up against the likes of Jake Jenkins and Austin Cooper, the teen muscle boy has learned some moves, and he’s able to roll over and reverse the leg lock onto Aaron. Jason powers up onto his hands, every muscle in his arms, chest, and traps flexed, as he puts the pressure on his opponent. He even admits he was surprised by Aaron’s offense, but quickly says he wasn’t worried though. From this point on, Jason dominates Aaron, making his body suffer every which way he can. He stretches his back out again with another camel clutch, power slams him to mat several more times, and then turns him back over to apply a double leg boston crab onto the rookie’s bronzed body. Jason is eager to chalk up his first victory, and knows by now that Aaron’s back is ripe and tender for the taking, so he locks on a bow and arrow, and starts stretching Aaron’s torso out like it’s made of rubber. As the sweat is pouring from Aaron’s face, Jason places his boot in the middle of Aaron’s back, and uses his long leg to apply immense pressure. As Aaron suffers in pain, and anguish all over his face, he screams out ‘I give up’ and submits to the teen sensations dominating display of muscle and power. Jason earns his first victory at Rock Hard, and celebrates by flexing his mighty bicep once more for all his fans!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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