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Cliff Johnson vs Gunner Bayani
Cliff Johnson vs Gunner Bayani

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Cliff Johnson vs Gunner Bayani

In this matchup we have the much taller, bigger and cockier Cliff taking on the shorter, smaller, high flying Gunner. Both of these wrestlers have put up good scraps against their opponents to date, with each of them chalking up only one victory against a number of defeats, so clearly there’s some bragging rights on the line in this contest. Neither one of these guys wants to come away with another loss added to their record. Cliff has four inches and about 25 pounds on Gunner, but Gunner has more ring experience and an arsenal of high flying aerial assaults. Cliff comes out of his corner in navy blue square cut trunks with yellow striping and black boots taunting Gunner, asking ‘Someone here to get an ass kicking?’ and flexing his guns. Gunner isn’t backing down and quips ‘you guys are all talk’ as they lock up in the center of the ring. Cliff takes the early control of his smaller opponent with a knee to the midsection, whips him into the corner turnbuckle and nails him with a double leg drop kick to Gunner’s chest. This stuns Gunner and Cliff pulls him out of the corner, suplexes him to the mat, and follows that up with an elbow drop. Cliff’s strategy seems to be stay on the attack and use his considerable size advantage to slow his quicker opponent down. Cliff continues to beat down the lightweight, stomping and pounding away at his body, then straddling on top of him to bash away on his chest, pausing in between to taunt him with a double bicep flex making sure Gunner knows who’s in control. The model Cliff is feeling pretty full of himself and while Gunner struggles to get to his feet, he tells the smaller wrestler to take a few shots at his abs. Cliff has a nice set of six pack abs, and after Gunner delivers two shots with no impact, the high flying aerialist draws on his strength and connects with several wicked, round house kicks to Cliff’s thigh that knocks the big man down. Gunner drags him up to his feet, tosses him into the corner, and then delivers a flying knee from across the ring that connects to Cliff’s midsection and knocks the wind right out of him as he starts to wither in the corner. The high flyer maintains his control over the big guy by focusing the attack on his long legs and keeping him off guard with an aerial assault. The cocky, big guy seems to be in trouble until he’s able to reverse the momentum by throwing Gunner into the corner and catching him with a few heavy knees to the face. This just about knocks Gunner out, and it certainly has him dazed and confused. Cliff lifts Gunner up over his head and power slams him to the mat. He then follows up with a couple ‘tramp stamps’ to the lightweight’s lower back. Cliff maintains the control with a reverse standing arm lock, wrapping a choke hold around Gunner’s throat and then dropping him down onto his knee inflicting some serious pain into Gunner’s lower back. Cliff stays on the attack, softening up his smaller opponent’s body until he’s drained all the energy out of him. Cliff smells blood in this round and decides to end the agony by picking Gunner up and choke slamming him to the mat, nearly unconscious. Cliff thrusts two heavy stomps onto Gunner’s chest before laying his heavy body across the lightweight’s chest and counting out a 1-2-3 pin count to earn a victory in round one. In a display of manliness, Cliff places his boot on Gunner, flexes another double bicep pose and proclaims ‘dominated’ as Gunner is out cold on the mat.

Round two opens and the cocky Cliff is still talking trash, saying ‘coming in the ring with me was a bad decision’ as Gunner tries to shake off the effects of the round one beating. Cliff stays on the attack as he suplexes Gunner to the mat and follows that up with his signature ‘cliff hanger’ elbow drop. Cliff picks him up by his head, tosses against the ropes, and delivers a clothesline on the lightweight that drops him flat to the mat. Cliff proclaims ‘man, this is embarrassing’, referring to Gunner’s lack of performance so far. While the big guy gloats, Gunner uses the time to recompose himself and he’s able to clock Cliff with a few flying elbows to the head that send the big model reeling to the mat. Gunner pulls him up to his feet, places Cliff’s bigger, muscular body in an inverted choke, stretching his neck and back to the limits before pounding him down to the mat. Gunner begins an aerial assault on Cliff’s body that starts with a running kick to his rib cage, followed up by a reverse neck breaker, and then continues with a high flying elbow drop off the top rope that catches Cliff right across the pecs and has him reeling in pain on the mat. Cliff is able to fend off the attack and regain the momentum for a few minutes in this round, but when he gives Gunner a slight opening, the more experienced wrestler takes the advantage back with a flying roundhouse kick to the side of Cliff’s head that stuns the big guy as he falters to the mat. Gunner maintains his assault with a flying forearm to Cliff’s throat from across the opposite corner, then picks him up and drops him with a flying neck breaker back down to the mat. The lightweight goes for the cover and a pin count, but Cliff is able to kick out. Gunner then pulls him up, whips him across the ring ropes and plants a boot to Cliff’s gut. Gunner senses he has the big guy beaten, drags him up to his feet, and drops him again with a second flying neck breaker. This time Cliff isn’t able to kick out, and Gunner counts him out draped across his body to a second round triumph to square the match at one round a piece. Gunner has the confidence as round three begins, and again starts inflicting some punishment on Cliff’s muscular, model body. Will the high flying aerialist have enough ring savvy to bring down his much larger opponent, or can Cliff turn the tide and crush the lightweight using his superior size and muscle advantage to chalk up another victory in the win column? This match comes to a conclusion as the winner nearly breaks the back of the loser in a climatic match ending!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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