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Jake Jenkins & Austin Cooper vs Ethan Andrews & Jason Kane - HD
Jake Jenkins & Austin Cooper vs Ethan Andrews & Jason Kane - HD

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Jake Jenkins & Austin Cooper vs Ethan Andrews & Jason Kane

Now Re-mastered as a Hi-Definition (HD) 1080p Instant Download video file to bring you stunning resolution and detail!

It's late night at the Rock Hard gym, and the bad boy Ethan is in the ring with the teen sensation Jason showing him a few moves. After Ethan welcomed the muscle teen to Rock Hard Wrestling in Jason’s debut match by laying a beating on him, Jason knew he was going to need more than just muscle to make it in the world of underground wrestling. So, he approached Ethan and asked him if he would teach him some technique in the ring? Ethan saw some potential in him, so he agreed to a training session. Problem that night was that Jake and Austin were just finishing up with a grueling lifting session on the other side of the gym, and come around the corner to find these two guys practicing in what they consider ‘their house’. Jake and Austin question the two wrestlers as to what they’re doing here, which sparks more banter and taunting. After it’s all sorted out, Team Jake/Austin think it’s time to show Ethan and Jason who’s house this is, and soon the two teams are squaring off from their respective corners for a tag team showdown! Team Jake/Austin are undefeated to this point, and there is no way they are going to let these two punks steal their spotlight! Jake starts in the ring to take on the street punk Ethan, who he’s heard so much about, but isn’t that all impressed. They lock up and Jake lifts Ethan up over his head and then slams him to the mat to get things started, he follows that up with a knee to the chest, then drops a few flying elbows on the street punk’s abs, and follows that up with a stomp to the gut. Jake continues dishing out the punishment with two power slams off the ropes, followed up by a pure press and power slam down to the mat. It’s all Jake in the early going and he is taking delight in dishing out the pain. He’s not going to let this bad boy inflict a beating on him, like Ethan has done to the other muscle boys. As Team Jake/Austin continue to talk trash on their opponents, Jake stands Ethan up, holds him for Austin to leap off the top rope and come crashing down with a double fist into the street punk’s chest. Coop has his way with Ethan, clamping on a camel clutch that has him stretched out in agony and Coop flexing his massive bicep while inciting Jason in the opposite corner. Ethan eventually manages to tag out, and Jason flies into the ring over the top rope, but right into Coop’s arms, who flips him over his shoulder and down to the mat. Coop attacks the teen sensation with several hard stomps with his size 11 black boot to the rookie’s rippling abs. As Coop is putting a beating on Jason, Jake is over in his corner mocking the other team, asking ‘who are these guys, Coop?’ with a huge smirk on his face. Coop continues his assault on the teen muscle boy by choking him over the top rope, he clamps down and claws his impressive pecs, and works over his back with a double leg boston crab as Jake taunts him from the corner. The teen sensation is able to turn the tide on Austin, and he and Ethan double team Austin setting him up in the corner turnbuckle for a flying splash that has Ethan running across the ring, stepping on Jason’s back, and then flies thru the air throwing his body across Coop’s muscular mid-section. Ethan tags in and is able to continue the attack on Coop, choking him over the ropes and then making him suffer in a camel clutch. Coop is able to break away and staggers over to his corner to tag in his partner. Jake has seen enough, and connects with a boot to Ethan’s stomach. He controls the street punk by stretching his long, lanky body out in a variety of MMA style holds in an effort to wear him down. He lifts Ethan up with an arm bar, knees him in the gut, headlocks him back to the mat, and then delivers a low blow stomp to his crown jewels. While Ethan lays withering on the mat, Jake cinches in a finishing figure-four leg lock, flexing with all of his might, and that has the bad boy screaming at the top of his lungs in pain before yelling out a submission. Jake enjoys the moment a while longer, continuing to apply the pressure before finally releasing the hold. As Ethan’s lean body withers on the mat in pain, Jake and Austin flex their bulging biceps in a show of supremacy for a round one triumph.

Round two begins, and as the heat gets dialed up in the Rock Hard gym, the sweat starts dripping over these magnificent muscular bodies. Jake and Ethan lock up in the center of the ring, and Jake again takes control with a head lock hip throw that plants the bad boy down on the mat. Jake works him over on the mat, before tagging Austin, then the two of them double team Ethan with a suplex that shakes the ring floor. Coop continues the assault on Ethan with a scoop power slam, before Ethan is able to work his way over and tag in Jason. Coop continues the thrashing with a head scissors, wrapping his massive thighs around the teen’s head, squeezing the crap out of him, and flexing his massive biceps to show off. He then strings him up in the corner in a tree of woe and bashes away at his sweat soaked abs. Jake and Austin then double team Jason on their side of the ring, with Coop stretching the rookie’s powerfully built body in a kneeling surfboard that has the teen’s abs exposed, and Jake starts bashing away on the poor boy’s six pack. Somehow Jason is able to endure the pain and make his way over to tag in Ethan. The street punk is determined to take the attack to Jake, and starts dishing out some his own punishment on the muscle hunk. He bashes away at Jake’s abs, and then squeezes away at his midsection with his thighs wrapped around Jake’s small waist. This impromptu match turns into a 35 minute marathon with both teams drenched in their own sweat and fighting for their own manhood. As round two wears on, Coop is teaching the young teen a wrestling lesson, making him squirm and suffer in a variety of holds that include a standing surfboard, then lacing the tall, muscular teen through the ropes and clobbering his chest, before setting him up for a crotch ripping spladle that stretches Jason’s long legs out wide open. Coop taunts him, telling him ‘you’re not going to have kids, that’s for sure!’, before the inexperienced teen begs for him to stop, and screams out an ‘I give’ submission ending the match. Team Jake/Austin proves once again they are the dominant tag team at Rock Hard, and this is indeed their house!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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