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Travis Storm vs Tyler Reeves
Travis Storm vs Tyler Reeves

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Travis Storm vs Tyler Reeves
The all-American, golden boy Travis has racked up a 2-1 record here at Rock Hard, utilizing his well sculpted muscles and extensive amateur wrestling background to defeat his opponents. In this match up, heís taking on the slightly bigger and fine-tuned physique of Tyler. Tyler, who struggled early in his career, has been on a roll lately, with impressive victories over Max Powers and Zack Johnathan. These two rock hard bodies climb into the ring with Travis in white square cuts and white boots that highlight his golden tan, and Tyler in navy blue square cuts and white boots. Tyler wants to intimidate the golden boy right off the start of round one, declaring ĎTravis, Iím going to kick your ass!í. Tyler gets the first shot in, a quick jab to the gut, and then picks Travis up over his head and power slams him to the mat. He continues with a few stomps, and then locks in a double leg boston crab that has the blond haired muscle hunk arched back in agony. Tyler towers over him on the mat, then reaches down and yanks the all american up by the hair, backs into the corner, then starts pounding away at his ripped midsection. You can see that Tyler means business in this match, and continues to control the action with elbow drops, stomps, and continues with choking the all american over the ropes, while Travis wails and flails in attempt to escape. Tyler whips Travis across the ring and into a flying clothesline that drops him to the mat, but when both wrestlers get to their feet, Travis reverses the action and sends Tyler back into the corner turnbuckle.Itís time for Travis to start dishing out the punishment on Tyler, and he starts by bashing away at his flawless 6 pack abs. He then tramps on Tylerís right knee in order to break his taller opponent down, drags him by his feet out to the center of the ring and clamps on a boston crab. As the golden haired muscle hunk settles his weight and perfect butt down on Tylerís back, he taunts him asking Ď howís that Tyler, you like that?í. As he flexes to exert more pressure on Tylerís back, you can see every bulging muscle pop out of his flawless physique. When Tyler wonít submit, Travis breaks the hold and goes back to stomping away at his back and knees before whipping him into the corner turnbuckle and then races across the ring and delivers a big body splash across Tylerís chest. This knocks the wind right out of Tyler and causes him to slump to the mat. Travis continues with a suplex, and then attempts to gain the first fall with a 1-2-3 pin count, but Tyler still has enough to kick out of it. Both wrestlers get back to their feet, and Tyler is able to take back control, picking the muscle hunk up over his head once again, and power slamming him into the mat. Tyler then takes him over to the corner, thumps his face into the corner turnbuckle, then follows that up with several knees to rib cage, which take their toll on the golden boy. Tyler senses that Travis is weakened so he wraps on a head lock with his muscular arms and walks Travis around the ring, before grinding him down to the mat. He then clamps on a camel clutch that has the muscle hunkís magnificent physique stretched out and in deep agony, but refusing to submit. Tyler then softens him up with a single leg boston crab, before stretching him out even further with a standing surfboard that Travis is forced to ultimately submit before his muscular arms were ripped out of his beautiful body. Round one goes to Tyler as he looms over his defeated opponent with the sweat dripping from his strapping physique.
Round two opens with Tyler declaring ĎOK, this is ití and then he delivers a flying reverse elbow that drops the all american to the mat. After Tyler works over his abs, he picks the blond hunk up by his hair and laces his magnificent body thru the ropes. He pulls back on his chin, arching Travis up on his toes, and his flawless physique is stretched out to the max while he anguishes in pain with nowhere to go. Tyler continues the torment, with several heavy punches to the ribcage, before he pulls his foe back into the ring. Tyler is in complete control of the muscle hunk in this round, backing him into the corner to continue smash away at his abs. He continues to dismantle the muscle hunkís body with a suplex, elbow drop, and further pounding away at his abs and massive thighs. Tyler drags him over to the ropes again, places Travisís neck across the bottom rope, positions his knee on top of his neck, and then starts choking the hell out of him in an attempt to diminish whatever strength the blond muscle hunk has left in his body. Tyler yanks at his hair and forces him to pose for the camera, then taunts him saying Ďhow do you like that?, thatís your favorite one, now google it!í. Travis is suffering miserably in this round before his is able to escape a rear choke hold, and summon some inner strength to turn the tide his way. He clamps on a double leg boston crab that inflicts some serious pain on Tylerís lower back, then follows that up with a leg scissors squeezing with all of his might on Tylerís thighs and hips in search of a submission. Tyler cries out in agony but refuses to submit. With the sweat gleaming off of their stunning bodies, it appears that Travis has gained control of this round, that is until Tyler gets back to his feet and then propels Travis back into the corner and goes back to attacking the muscle hunkís abs and back. He continues to wear Travis down with a mma style arm bar, and then wraps his leg around the neck of Travis in an attempt to choke him out into a submission. When Travis is able to fight that off,Tyler lifts him to his feet, throws on a headlock, walks him around the ring, before putting him into an abdominal stretch and starts punching away at his abs until he has no other choice but to reluctantly submit the round and the match to his opponent. This is one bashing that the muscle hunk Travis wonít soon forget!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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