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Cody Nelson vs Ethan Andrews
Cody Nelson vs Ethan Andrews

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Cody Nelson vs Ethan Andrews

Since Ethan has joined the Rock Hard roster, he’s been on a rampage to beat up on the muscle boys, expose their weaknesses, and make then suffer in defeat. He’s already abused and put an ab bashing on both Tyler and Zack in his singles matches, and he made Troy suffer in his tag team match with Brody against the Nelson brothers. After that match, Cody demanded his shot at defeating the skinny street punk in a one on one match up. Cody comes out of his corner to start round one in black square cuts and black boots, his magnificent body looking ripped with the ring lights highlighting his muscular physique. Ethan, in a black speedo and black shoes, is salivating across the ring at the thought of getting his hands on Cody’s spectacular muscular body, making him suffer, and delivering an ab bashing to his perfect six pack abs like he’s done to the other muscle boys he’s taken down. Cody taunts the street punk, calling him a scumbag, and Ethan responds saying ‘it must mean you’re the punk then’. They lock up in the center of the ring, with Cody using his brute force strength to take control, lift Ethan up, and then power slam him into the mat. Ethan gets his to feet and retaliates with a quick knee to the muscle stud’s midsection, which drops Cody to the mat. He starts to go to work on Cody’s massive, muscled legs, knowing that if he can take the muscle stud’s base out from under him, he can minimize the considerable strength advantage Cody has over him. Ethan continues with his assault on Cody’s legs with several stomps, and then makes him suffer in a reverse leg lock. He pulls Cody up by his hair to his feet, and then throws in a full nelson that has the muscle stud stretched out and grunting in pain. He hoists Cody up into the air a few times, stretching him out even more, before spinning him around and dropping him down onto his knee into a body stretching backbreaker. The skinny street punk has the muscle stud Cody right were he wants him, his body stretched over his knee and his perfect steel abs exposed, ready for a bashing. He starts bashing away at Cody’s abs, delivering a barrage of punches to the muscle stud’s abs, as Cody screams out in pain. He continues the assault on Cody’s abs with an elbow directly into his midsection, and starts grinding it to inflict even more pain. Ethan taunts him as he’s stretched across his knee, asking him ‘how’s that feel?’ But when Ethan slips up, and gives a slight opening, Cody rushes in for a double leg, lifts the street punk up, slams him to the mat, and then starts stomping away on his body. Cody is revved up and determined that his raw power and strength can wear the skinny street punk down, and ultimately make him submit. Cody continues on the attack, making Ethan suffer in a boston crab, then picks him up, whips him into the corner, and then starts stomping away with his boot into Ethan’s chest. Ethan slumps to the floor, before Cody drags him out of the corner and attempts to gain a submission using a figure-four leg lock. When Ethan won’t submit to that, he continues to pound and stomp away at Ethan’s lower back, power slams him to the mat, and then uses his impressive muscular arms to lock on a camel clutch, forcing the skinny street punk to submit in round one. Cody celebrates his round one win with an impressive double bicep flex over his trampled opponent.

Round two starts with Cody continuing to taunt Ethan, asking, ‘hey scumbag, did you like that, how’s your back feel?’ Ethan, still hurting from the vicious camel clutch, is not amused and shoots the finger across the ring at the muscle stud. Cody comes out of his corner, hoists the street punk up in the air, then slams him down to the mat, and starts working over his back. Ethan is able to get back to his feet, catches Cody with a quick jab to the temple that stuns the muscle stud and he crumbles to the mat. Ethan takes advantage of the situation, and starts delivering some of his own punishment to Cody’s beefy body. He starts with some stomps to his abs, stands on top of his abs, and then rolls him over and locks on a camel clutch that stretches Cody’s massive chest and brawny arms to the max, as the street punk taunts him back, asking ‘how’s that feel, huh?’ Ethan has gained the upper hand in this round, and he’s determined to make the muscle boy pay for round one. He chokes Cody over the ring rope, stretches his body out on the mat, places him in a figure four ankle lock and reverse chin lock combination that has Cody crying out in pain and his back arched in agony. Ethan has complete control over the muscle boy, as the sweat starts to drip off his bronzed, perfect physique. He continues to pound and stomp away at Cody’s massive legs, setting him up for a painful figure four leg lock, exerting immense pain on his legs and forcing him to submit round two to the street punk. Ethan gets up, towers over Cody, slaps him in the chest, and declares ‘what a punk!’ With the match now tied at one round apiece, both wrestlers are resolute to claim victory. Can Ethan control the muscle stud Cody and ab bash his way to victory over another Rock Hard muscle boy, or will Cody be able to thwart the skinny street punk’s attack and force another submission out of him using his raw strength and power. You can’t miss the incredible finish to this match!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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