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Nick Collins vs Gunner Bayani
Nick Collins vs Gunner Bayani

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Nick Collins vs Gunner Bayani

This match pits two of our newest rookies, with the tall, lean muscled Nick going against high flying Gunner. Nick is decked out in light blue square cuts with white boots, that highlight his rippling abs and well proportioned physique. Gunner enters the ring in all black, black tights and black boots, wanting to set the mood for this match up. Round one opens with Gunner taunting Nick, asking ‘how’s it hanging there pretty boy?’, and Nick shrugging it off responding ‘it’s good, it’s good’. Gunner gets it going with a quick knee lift into Nick’s abs, and then pounds the upstart rookie with a fist to his back, which drops him to the mat. He starts pounding away at Nick’s muscular body with a series of moves that include; a flying knee drop to his chest, follows that up with several stomps to his gut, and then continues the beating with an elbow drop to his pecs, all of this has Nick suffering in pain. Gunner continues with the control, intent on pounding away at Nick’s abs and legs. Nick’s lean muscled body continues to take a beating, until he’s able to roll out of the way of a flying knee drop from the high flyer, that misses it’s mark. Nick seizes the opportunity to turn things around here in round one, and begins to bash away at Gunner’s midsection. He taunts Gunner to get up, and then lifts him up by his head, takes him back down to the mat with a single leg, and then locks on a figure four ankle lock that applies intense pressure, and has Gunner screaming out in pain. Nick tosses him aside, delivers a few quick jabs to the high flyer’s back, lifts him back to his feet, and then commands him to stand up straight. Nick is in charge, and is determined to dish out his own brand of torture. He takes Gunner back down to the mat with a single leg, straddles him to punish him with some fists to the chest, and then locks on a super tight, mma style arm bar that nearly rips Gunner’s arm right out of the socket. Gunner is crying in pain, and Nick as him ‘how’s that feel?’ Nick asks him to submit, but Gunner refuses, and with that Nick continues to put Gunner into a variety of pain inflicting, torture holds, looking to secure a submission. Nick continues his control for the remainder of round one, setting his opponent up for a single leg boston crab that has Nick flexing all of his muscles to the max for increased pressure on Gunner’s lower back, until Gunner is forced to reluctantly scream out a submission to end round one. Nick stands up, towers over his crushed opponent, and confidently proclaims ‘I knew you were going to submit!’

Nick comes out of his corner to start round two with his confidence high and his chest puffed out, taunting Gunner, saying ‘that didn’t feel too good, did it?’. Nick goes back on the attack, taking the high flyer down with a fireman’s carry, and then starts bashing away at his abs. His strategy is to keep the fight on the mat, negating Gunner’s aerial tactics. He straddles Gunner, delivers several punches to Gunner’s chest and then clamps on an arm lock that has the high flyer squirming in pain. Nick continues to attack Gunner, backing him into the corner turnbuckle and goes back to pounding away at his ripped midsection. Gunner is able to fend off Nick’s attack, get back to his feet, and tosses him to the mat with an arm bar that catches the taller Nick by surprise. Gunner is determined to go on the attack and make Nick pay for the suffering he’s endured. He methodically starts attacking and pounding away at every part of Nick’s lean muscled body. He continues to dish out the hurt on the ‘pretty boy’, making him suffer in a series of pain inflicting holds that end with a combination arm bar and chin lock that has Nick’s back and neck stretched to the limit, forcing him to tap out a submission to the boy in black. Gunner celebrates his round two victory with a big smile on his face towering over the defeated pretty boy Nick. The decisive round three starts with the sweat starting to drip from the bodies of these two young rookies. They both know a lot’s on the line in this round, and both want to claim their first victory to prove themselves here at Rock Hard. Will Nick be able to control the high flyer using his exceptional mat skills and superior strength, or can Gunner stay on the assault and showcase his high flying athletic moves to knock the upstart rookie out. It all leads up to a split second mistake that gives the other an epic knock out submission, and he celebrates his hard fought victory by placing his boot on his opponents chest and flexing a popping double bicep shot that declares his dominance!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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