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Jake Jenkins vs Lucas Payne
Jake Jenkins vs Lucas Payne

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Jake Jenkins vs Lucas Payne

The teen bodybuilder Lucas is outside the ring pumping up his award winning, massive biceps feeling pretty confident about himself after he was able to defeat the high school jock, Trent Novak, in his last match. Meanwhile Jake enters the ring, watching him pump up, and salivating at the opportunity to get his hands on the teen muscle boy. Jake is undefeated in his matches to date here at Rock Hard, and is full on energy and confidence for this match. He taunts the bodybuilder saying ‘put those baby weights down, pussy’ and Lucas retorts ‘you couldn’t curl these in your dreams’. Jake calls him out ‘get in the ring’, Lucas doesn’t hesitate for one second, dropping the dumbbells and climbs into the ring to take on the smaller, but more experienced fitness model. They lock up, and Jake quickly locks on a headlock and hip tosses the teen bodybuilder to his back on the mat. He then starts cranking on his neck, and then delivers several elbow drops to Lucas’s massive pecs. This stuns him, and Jake pulls him to the mat and starts working him over with an arsenal of clotheslines, hip tosses, and elbow drops, before tossing him into the corner to deliver a double leg drop kick which plants both boots into Lucas’s chiseled chest. Jake is able to maintain control until Lucas turns the momentum with a headlock hip toss to the mat on the smaller fitness model, and then starts delivering punishment to Jake’s muscular body. Lucas uses his height, weight, and strength advantage to continue his beat down on Jake, trying to force a submission out of him with a bearhug. When Jake won’t submit, he tosses him to the mat like a rag doll, taunting him saying ‘let’s go, come on chump’. Jake is able to fend off the attack, kicks out of a pin count, and regains control. He starts pounding away at the teen bodybuilder’s chest, and continues putting him thru a series of punishing and painful holds that starts to wear him down. As the sweat starts to shine from both of these fine-tuned physiques, each of these warriors take shots at gaining a submission from their opponent. Lucas has Jake in deep trouble with a leg scissors wrapped across his torso, and a pec claw into his chest, but Jake is able to break free. Jake’s superior wrestling experience starts to take control late in round one, and after he beats on the bigger bodybuilder for a while, he climbs up on the corner ropes, flies thru the air, and delivers a clothesline across his chest knocking him to the mat. Jake jumps on top of his sweaty, muscled body, clamps on a headlock, and then gains the round one victory, pinning Lucas’s broad shoulders to the mat and counting out a 1-2-3 pin count.

Round two begins with both of these hard muscled bodies lathered up, and ready to go to battle. Jake continues his momentum from round one, and takes the early control on the teen bodybuilder by jumping on his back, locking in a full nelson, and riding him around the ring. Lucas is able to shake him off, but Jake continues with a few stomps to Lucas’s midsection and follows that up with a double leg drop kick that sends the muscle boy crumbling to the mat. Jake continues to pummel Lucas, working over his massive pecs, bulging biceps, and award winning six pack abs, beating him down and sapping the strength from his colossal body. Just when it looked like this was the beginning of the end for the teen bodybuilder, he takes advantage of a small opening and starts to work on Jake’s lower back. He picks him up into a standing full nelson, lifts the smaller fitness model off his feet and starts swinging him around the ring, then drops him to the mat and delivers several heavy leg drops across Jake’s lower back muscles. Lucas continues to pound on Jake, applying another standing full nelson, followed up by a single leg boston crab that applies extreme pressure to his lower back, and has Jake crying out in pain. But, Lucas makes a rookie mistake and allows Jake take his best shots of a clothesline on him, and after bouncing off the more muscular Lucas in his first two attempts, he leaves his feet to deliver a flying clothesline that sends the teen bodybuilder down to the mat. With the sweat continuing to drip from both of their hot bodies, Jake the machine makes the bodybuilder suffer with some MMA style arm bar and leg locks, before setting him up for a surfboard that stretches his massive arm and chest muscles to the max. Jake makes Lucas suffer in this hold, and continues to apply the pressure, putting the teen bodybuilder on full display until he can’t take the pain any longer and is forced to scream out a submission, chalking up another impressive victory for Jake the machine!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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