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Tyler Reeves vs Zack Johnathan
Tyler Reeves vs Zack Johnathan

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Tyler Reeves vs Zack Johnathan

This match comes about as a result of an internet wrestling chat room challenge that occurred when Zack was online checking out his favorite chat room, and he notices thereís someone in the chat room trashing his name. Well, Zack will have none of this, and immediately issues a challenge match to a guy he knows only as Tyler. Zack has perfected his muscular body, has been featured in many fitness and adult magazines, has years of wrestling experience, and isnít afraid to take on anybody. Tyler also has a perfectly sculpted physique, with no body fat, and has gained some wrestling skills from his experience in the ring. Zack walks out of the locker room and into the Rock Hard ring to see that Tyler did show up, and starts trash talking the tall, muscle boy. Tyler doesnít back down, claiming Ďthis is going to be easy because I thought you were going to be a lot biggerí. Zack lifts his Rock Hard t-shirt up and off of his money-making physique, and both guys tie up in the center of the ring. The taller Tyler takes the muscle model down first and starts stretching out his famous physique. Zack is able to escape, tells Tyler heís going to teach him a wrestling lesson, then starts splitting his legs and ripping apart Tylerís crotch. Round one goes back and forth between the two muscle studs, with Zack attacking Tylerís super ripped abs, concentrating on bashing and pounding away at them in an attempt to wear his taller opponent down. Tyler works on Zackís muscular arms and legs with a series of leg locks, leg splits, arm bars, trying to force a submission out of the muscular, bronzed body of the muscle model. Near the end of round one, Zack has Tyler backed into the corner turnbuckle, bashing away at his sweaty, ripped abs when Tyler is able to summon the strength to turn things around place a sleeper hold on Zack, and then locks on a super tight arm bar that has Zack yelling out in pain and screaming out a submission. Round one goes to Tyler as he struts his muscular body around the ring and hovers over his fallen opponent.

Round two opens with the sweat continuing to drip from both of their sculpted, muscular bodies, and Zack knowing he needs to win this round to stay alive in this match. Zack takes the early control taking Tyler down to the mat, and rolling him over for a quick pin count, hoping to end this round early, but Tyler is able to kick out and get back to his feet saying Ďyou gotta do better than that!í Zack goes for a lightning quick single leg takedown on the lanky Tyler, but ends up with Tylerís long legs wrapped around his waist and trapped in a leg scissors. Tyler delivers some punishing blows to Zackís perfectly sculpted chest, but Zack knows his reputation is on the line in this match and is able to fend off a count out, and gets back to his feet and back on the attack. The muscle model starts an assault on Tylerís body with a choke over the top rope, an excruciating boston crab, and an arm bar that has Tyler crying in pain. Zack goes for a 3 count, but Tyler still has enough in him to kick out and continue the round. Tyler tries to stage a comeback but Zack is determined not to loose this round, and goes back to working over his opponentís lanky legs, setting him up for a super tight figure four leg lock that inflicts so much severe pain that Tyler has no choice but to submit to escape the torture. Zack is victorious in round two, as he gets up off the mat and leans his magnificent muscular body against the ropes to admire his destruction. With the match all even at one round a piece, both of these sweat soaked muscle boys are determined to conquer their opponent. Zack takes the early control in round three, reverting back to his scholastic wrestling experience, taking Tyler down with a firemanís carry move that plants his back flat on the mat. Will the muscle model Zack be able to continue his destruction of the amateur all star, or will Tyler be able to use his fantastic physique and athletic skills to pull off an upset, and defeat Zack in this internet challenge match up. It all leads up to a powerhouse of a finish with the winner delivering an over the knee backbreaker, and then finishing him off with a 1-2-3 pin count straddling over his defeated sweat soaked, worn out body!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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