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Jake Jenkins & Austin Cooper vs Cliff Johnson & Nick Collins
Jake Jenkins & Austin Cooper vs Cliff Johnson & Nick Collins

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Jake Jenkins & Austin Cooper vs Cliff Johnson & Nick Collins

This match pits the spectacular team of Jake and Austin, two of the new hard bodies at Rock Hard who have been on impressive winning streaks, against the team of the runway model Cliff, who has been able to hold his own in his previous matches, and the debut of Nick, the upstart, who brings previous amateur wrestling experience, boyish good looks, and a superb set of washboard abs to the ring. Team Jake/Austin are confident, and all hyped up, ready to take on their challengers as round one opens with some trash talk. The Coop struts out of his corner starring down his taller opponent Cliff, mocking him that he’s already scared and ready to tag in his partner. Cliff, confident in his own abilities will hear none of that, and say’s ‘I’m ready for you’ as the two lock up at center ring. Coop gets things going his team’s way, backing the runway model into his corner, and him and Jake quickly start to double-team him. Jake holds Cliff’s arms behind him, and Coop delivers a flying double leg drop kick to Cliff’s sexy chest. He follows that up with a barrage of punches and stomps to Cliff’s abs, which has the model boy slumping in the corner. But the big guy Cliff is able to turn things around with a knee to Coop’s abs, and then whips across the ring into a clothesline that sends Coop to the mat and arching his back in pain. After Cliff delivers a couple inverted back breakers on his knee, Coop is looking to tag out. Jake the machine, steps into the ring with a full head of steam and plants a double leg drop kick on Cliff, follows that up with some hard stomps to his torso, then picks him up by his hair, tosses him into the ring ropes, and scoops him up for a full body slam that shakes the ring and displays Jake’s impressive wrestling talents. Cliff finds a way to tag out, gives a stomp to Jake’s midsection, and Nick comes in and starts his assault on Jake’s muscular body. Nick takes control with a knee to Jake’s abs, and then scoops him up over his head and slams him down on the mat. This has Jake staggered, and Nick continues with his assault, stomping away at Jake’s back. Nick, feeling confident early on in his debut, even calls out the more experienced Jake, demanding he ‘stand up, and look at me’. While all this happens in Team Jake/Austin’s corner, the rookie makes the mistake of letting up just for a moment, which leaves an opening for Coop to reach thru the ropes, pull Nick back and opens up his midsection, for Jake to start bashing away at the upstart’s washboard abs. The action continues fast and furious in round one, with both teams trying to beat down and wear out their adversary. Jake and Coop start to take advantage of Nick’s inexperience in the ring, and start methodically wearing him down. Jake starts wearing him down with an assault on his back, lifting Nick’s legs in the air while he lay face down on the mat, and then driving his forearm into Nick’s neck, which has the upstart stretched to the max and in a lot of pain. He uses a ju jitsu type arm throw to toss Nick over his shoulder and flat to the mat, setting him up for a double chicken wing, rolling Nick squarely over onto his shoulders for a 1-2-3 pin count to end round one. Team Jake/Austin take the first round and celebrate by parading around the ring and flexing their magnificent hard bodies.

Round two opens with Nick rubbing his sore lower back and proclaiming ‘you just got lucky last time, and Jake feeling super confident. Jake scores first, whip tossing Nick to the mat, but Nick is able to quickly reverse the situation and takes control of the shorter muscle boy. Nick starts to put his amateur wrestling and grappling experience together, and begins beating on Jake, straddling over him and bashing away at his muscular chest, and then wraps his powerhouse thighs around Jake’s tight waist and starts squeezing the life out of him. Nick gets double-teamed in the opposite corner, but is able to work his way over to tag in his partner Cliff. Cliff enters the ring and continues the beating on Jake, which includes wrapping his long, muscular legs around Jake’s torso, and stretches the muscle boy out on full display. Jake desperately reaches for his partner and tags Coop. He comes in with full force and starts to stomp and pound away at the runway model as he lies on the mat. Coop and Austin put a pounding on one another, and at one point while Cliff is putting a hurting on Coop, Jake yell’s from his corner ‘don’t let that flat chested bitch beat you’, trying to rally his partner. Both teams take their turns dishing out the punishment on their opponent’s hot, sweaty bodies, but Team Jake/Austin just have too much experience in this match up. When the smaller Jake scoop power slams the taller Cliff, this sets things up for a double team clothesline on Cliff, and ultimately Team Jake/Austin finish things off by flexing their muscles and forcing both Cliff and Nick to scream out submissions in dual over the back torture racks that ends this match in total destruction. Team Jake/Austin are full of testosterone as the strut their young, hot, athletic bodies around the ring, flex their bulging muscles, and declaring themselves ‘champions’. Who can argue with that?

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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