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Austin Cooper vs Trent Novak - HD
Austin Cooper vs Trent Novak - HD

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Austin Cooper vs Trent Novak

Now Re-mastered as a Hi Definition (HD) 1080p Instant Download video file to bring you stunning resolution and detail!

This match up showcases two impressive, hard-bodied physiques, sculpted to perfection in the gym and on the athletic fields throughout their high school days. Austin has been an instant hit since first showing up at Rock Hard, and Trent brings his incredible, model good looks and impressive muscled body to challenge the finest competition out there. Trent starts things off by flexing his massive bicep across the ring toward Austin, asking ‘think you got this?’ and Austin responding with a double bicep flex of his own, that show off his huge biceps popping out of his arms. Trent challenges him to an arm wrestling showdown in the center of the ring, and as both guys flex and strain to claim victory, Trent shows off his superior arm strength and forces Austin’s hand down to the mat. Trent is all smiles after his conquest, but Austin jumps up quickly and is intent on making Trent pay for that! He gives a swift kick to the high school jock’s rib cage, and then places several stomps to his midsection. This gives Austin the upper hand early in this round, but Trent is able to turn the tables with a few jabs and knees to Austin’s abs, and follows this up with a clothesline that sends the tactician reeling down on the mat. Trent continues his assault on Austin with a powerful, big body slam that has Austin in some big trouble. Trent has all of his adrenalin flowing, while Austin looks for an opening to exploit his superior wrestling skills against his bigger opponent. Trent puts a beating on him and thinks he has him worn down for a pin count, but Austin is able to kick out and seize control with a single leg boston crab that has Trent hollering out in pain. Austin then starts putting the pretty muscle boy through a series of pain inflicting holds that include; an over the top rope chokehold, an excruciating arm lock on Trent’s massively muscled arm that has him begging for Austin to stop, followed up by a kneeling surfboard that nearly rip Trent’s massive arms right off of his body. Austin senses Trent has reached his pain threshold, and locks on a camel clutch that has the high school jock submitting round one to the superior wrestler. Austin claims his victory by proudly posing a massive double bicep flex for the camera, and taunting his beaten opponent saying, ‘I got the biceps, not you, that’s right’.

With the momentum of winning round one, Austin starts off on the offense in round two. Both guys lock up in center ring and Austin delivers a few uppercuts to Trent’s ripped abs to soften him up, and then whips him across the ring and meets him with a swinging kick to his torso, causing Trent to crumble to the mat. He follows that up with rolling Trent over into a double leg boston crab that exerts extreme pressure to the high school jock’s lower back muscles. Austin continues to work over the torso, with several well placed knees dropped across Trent’s gut, and he seems to have all the momentum going for him again in this round. But, after he backs Trent into the corner turnbuckle and stomps away at his midsection, Trent charges out and catches Austin with a square shot to his stomach, and then follows that up with a knee to the midsection. Trent starts taking control of this round, choking the tactician wrestler out, and concentrating on working over his back with a series of stomps and a single leg boston crab that has Austin squealing in pain. Austin does his best at making a comeback, but when Trent charges at him, lays him out flat on his back, and then starts pounding away at Austin’s muscle bound body, Trent continues to attack his opponent. With Austin unable to get up from the mat, Trent stomps away with a brutal attack, lays on top off him and locks on choke hold taunting him asking ‘who’s done now’, as he saps the strength from the muscle boy’s body. With his opponent weakened, Trent seizes the opportunity to throw on a nasty MMA style arm bar on Austin’s muscular left arm which has him in some serious pressure and pain, and being forced to submit to the high school jock, yelling out ‘I quit, I quit’ before his arm is snapped. Round two goes to Trent, as he sweats and flexes his hard muscled body over his beaten competitor. The deciding round, round three, opens with Trent proudly flexing his massive biceps attempting to intimidate Austin as both of these guys are geeked up and anxious to tear into one another. These two muscle packed hunks will go all out to claim victory. Will Trent be able to maintain his momentum and finish off the more experienced wrestling tactician, or will Austin’s ring savvy and ring skills be enough to crush the muscular high school jock in defeat? One thing’s for sure, the loser will be sore for days to come as his impressive fitness model physique is punished and stretched to the limits, and he’s savagely tortured and forced to submit to a finishing hold you just have to see!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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