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Tyler Reeves vs Max Powers
Tyler Reeves vs Max Powers

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Tyler Reeves vs Max Powers

This match up features two titanic, muscular bodies that tower over most of the other wrestlers on the RHW roster. Tyler Reeves has paid his dues since joining Rock Hard, and know has teamed his rock hard, perfectly proportioned body along with some strong ring experience and has started to dominate opponents. Max Powers has an equally impressive rock hard physique, but has struggled in some of his previous matches with his lack of ring experience. Round one starts with Tyler in his corner, looking confident, and saying Ď this is the big Max Iíve heard of, youíre good, with a sly grin on his face. Max circles in the center of the ring, and before long, Tyler is throwing some jabs to the big boyís chest, testing his toughness. Tyler backs Max up, whips him across the ring, and then clotheslines him across the chest. This has Maxís big body reeling on the mat, with Tyler starting to punch away at his chest and stomp away at his muscled torso. Max is able to endure and escape to his feet, and returns the favor on the amateur all star, tossing him into the far ropes and delivering his own clothesline on Tyler. Max continues, picking him up from the mat, scooping his body over his head, and then power slamming back down to the mat. This shakes the floor of the ring, and has the sweat soaked Tylerís confidence shaken. These two massive, muscular titans continue to try and wear each other down throughout the round applying camel clutches, stomps to the torso, ab bashing, headlocks and chokeholds. After suffering thru a beating at the hands of Max, Tyler is able to turn the momentum on the big boy with a single leg takedown, and he starts pounding away at Maxís chiseled pecs. He then focuses an assault on Maxís back that weakens the big boy, and after Tyler drops him across his knee for a back breaker, he finishes him off with a camel clutch that has the muscular Max stretched out, and screaming out a first round submission.


Round two opens with Tyler asking Max if he has Ďa sore backí and then proceeds to charge across the ring, deliver a shoulder to Maxís midsection and drives him back into his corner and starts ab bashing away. Tyler brings the powerhouse down to the mat and starts chocking him out with a figure four leg lock around his neck. Tyler watches in glee as Max suffers and struggles trying to break the hold. Tyler releases the hold, and goes for a quick pin count trying to end the match early, but Max is able to power his way out of it. They both get to their feet and Max takes control, backing Tyler against the ropes and goes to work by bashing away at his sweat soaked rippling abs. Max then stretches Tylerís perfectly muscled torso thru the ropes and cranks back on his chin, putting enormous pressure on his back. After heís suffered for a while, Max drags him back into the ring and starts a focused assault on Tylerís back and rib cage. The big powerhouse uses his brute strength to toss Tyler around the ring at will, continuing to inflict pain and suffering on his back and rib cage. He picks Tyler up in a scoop slam, throws him hard down on his back, which has Tyler looking for a way out. Max has a slight size advantage and thatís what heís determined to use to his benefit in this round. Max taunts Tyler asking him if Ďheís had enoughí throughout the round, as he continues to dominate the amateur all star. When Max has worn Tyler out, he picks him up and drops him onto his knee in an over the knee back breaker that has Tyler is some serious pain and stretched out on full display over Maxís big knee. Max continues to apply the pressure until Tyler canít take it any longer and squeals out a second round submission to the bigger powerhouse Max. Round three, the deciding round, opens with both of these wrestlerís muscular bodies drenched in sweat, and Max picking up where he left off in round two. Max charges across the ring and backs Tyler against the ropes and begins bashing away at his gut. Will Max have enough power and brawn to overcome Tylerís superior ring experience, or will Tyler be able to take out the titanic Max using his ring savvy. The match ends in spectacular fashion with the winner choking his opponent out, and then finishing him off with a double leg boston crab. The winner slaps a high five, while the loser is nearly knocked out in the center of the ring. An epic ending to a titanic battle!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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