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Lucas Payne vs Trent Novak
Lucas Payne vs Trent Novak

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Lucas Payne vs Trent Novak

Both of the wrestlers are in the ring, ready to start this muscle rumble match up. Lucas is a ripped, massively muscled teen bodybuilder who already has one match under his belt in the Rock Hard Wrestling arena. He barely lost his debut match against the more experienced Austin Cooper in a closely fought contest. In this match up, Lucas is in the ring ready to take on another newcomer, Trent Novak. Trent is a former high school football star, and a premier fitness model. He spends many hours in the gym fine-tuning his well sculpted physique, and is eager at the challenge of taking on the bigger Lucas in the ring. Round one opens with Lucas clad in purple and blue speedos with white boots, and Trent in navy blue square cuts and white boots. Both of these wrestlers are sporting fantastic physiques. The slightly more experienced Lucas calls out the ‘pretty boy’, taking the early control with a few knees to Trent’s midsection, softening him up before backing him into the corner turnbuckle to start pummeling his abs, and then locking on a headlock and tossing him over his hip and onto the mat. Trent barely knows what hit him and finds himself having to kick out of a quick pin fall attempt by the teen bodybuilder early in round one. Lucas uses his size advantage and previous ring experience to control Trent in the early going, by putting him through a series of punishing holds and beating up on the high school jock’s body. He stretches Trent’s body out on full display with a bow and arrow, that has Trent begging him to stop, but Lucas applies even more pressure to the jock’s back as his massive muscles exert extreme pressure on the jock’s fitness model physique. Trent is able to endure the pain, and is able to gain the upper hand on the teen bodybuilder with a few shots to his abs, and then Trent relies on his quickness to beat down the bodybuilder. Trent makes Lucas suffer by pounding and stomping away at his massive legs, and applying an excruciating ankle lock that has Lucas screaming out in agony. Trent makes a rookie mistake by letting Lucas get up to his feet and squares off in the center of the ring. Lucas takes advantage of this mistake, and locks on a front face lock, which he transfers to a standing full nelson, and starts to work over the high school jock’s well muscled torso. Lucas makes him suffer when he locks his massive thighs around Trent’s torso and starts squeezing the energy right out of him. Lucas aggressively attacks and taunts the rookie as he continues to dish out the punishment on him. At one point, he picks Trent right up across his shoulders and throws him flat to the mat, which causes extreme pain and suffering to his lower back. From that point, it’s all downhill for the high school jock, as Lucas continues his assault on the back, eventually locking on a standing surfboard on the former football player and stretching his perfectly toned arms like rubber bands until Trent is forced to submit and scream out a submission in round one. Lucas gloats over his fallen opponent and flexes a most muscular pose to celebrate his conquest.

Round two opens with Lucas continuing his taunts at Trent, saying ‘maybe this round will go a little bit better for you, but I doubt it’. They look up in the center of the ring, and the massive teen bodybuilder is back on the attack with an arm lock that has Trent wincing and suffering, and Lucas telling him ‘you’ll go where I say you go’, as he locks on a front face lock and forces the jock down to the mat. Lucas dominates the athletic jock early in round two, stomping away at his torso and cranking on a single leg boston crab. Trent is able to turn things his way with a standing, spinning kick to the ripped abs of the teen bodybuilder and then continues pounding away at his gigantic muscles. Trent then applies some serious pressure and pain on Lucas with an MMA style arm bar, which has him squirming on the mat and close to submitting. But Lucas is able to fend off the attack and regains the momentum with a single leg takedown, and then dishes out a beat down on the high school jock that has him worn out and set up for a match ending submission. The teen bodybuilder pulls Trent up by his head, and then places him in an over the back crucifix that has his magnificent, muscular body on display and the jock shouting out a match ending submission. Lucas claims his first victory here at RHW flexing his massive bicep, while the high school jock lays suffering on the mat wondering what just happened to him.

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!

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