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Travis Storm vs Chris Cox
Travis Storm vs Chris Cox

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Travis Storm vs Chris Cox

The all american Travis is warming up before the match, pumping out some bicep curls while pumping up his brawny arms. He hasn’t noticed his opponent for this match, Chris, is already in the ring decked out in a black leather jacket and sporting dark sunglasses. Chris looks hot and sultry in this outfit, and you can see he’s ready to take on the all american muscle boy. Chris calls out to Travis, ‘show me some skills to go along with those muscles pretty boy’, which has Travis climbing in the ring to do battle retorting ‘ I hope your bite is bigger than your bark’. The two of them meet in the center of the ring, and Travis scores first with a takedown, and then taunts Chris to ‘get up’. Travis takes the early control, using his size advantage to start beating up on the taller, leaner muscled Chris. He targets Chris’s ripped abs, and starts pounding away on his midsection. Travis is lively in his attack, and picks Chris up over his head, scoop slams him down to the mat, and then whips across the ring and into the corner turnbuckle. Travis goes back to bashing away at Chris’s midsection, in an attempt to methodically wear him out. At one point, Travis challenges Chris to a test of strength, and Chris uses the opportunity to deliver a knee to the gut of Travis, which has the muscle boy crumbling to the mat. Chris seizes the opportunity to apply a backbreaking camel clutch on his opponent, stretching his impeccable torso out to the max, and searching for a submission. Chris continues to put a beating on the pretty boy until Travis is able to regain control and starts an all out assault on Chris’s abs. After he’s weakened him up by torturing his abs, he lifts him up from the mat, applies a standing ab stretch, and starts delivering a series of elbows to Chris’s weakened, sore abs. Chris is forced to scream out a submission, and Travis places his boot squarely on Chris’s chest and the all american muscle boy flexes his bulging biceps as he prevails in round one.

Round two starts, and Travis is right back on the attack, targeting Chris’s midsection and whipping him across the ring face first into the opposite turnbuckle. Travis taunts him by asking ‘you like that?’ and is in control until he attempts to deliver a flying elbow drop on Chris’s chest, but Chris is able to roll away from it at the last second. Chris seizes the opportunity to grab the blond muscle boy by his head, pick him up to his feet, and then scoop slam him hard to his back on the mat. He picks him back up to his feet, throws him back into the corner, and delivers some ab abuse of his own to the muscle boy’s flawless midsection. Travis does attempt a comeback, pounding away at Chris, but when Chris delivers a dirty, low blow right between Travis’s muscular thighs, it brings the all american crumbling to his knees. Chris states ‘not so tough now’ as he pulls the sweat soaked Travis up to his feet and clamps on a full nelson, stretches him out, and then brings him back to the mat, wraps his long legs around Travis’s waist, and squeezes and stretches his sweaty, muscular torso out in full display. Chris makes the blond boy muscle boy suffer, asking for him to ‘give it up’ and submit, but Travis refuses to submit and asks ‘is that all you got’ before Chris releases the full nelson and pushes him to the side. Chris senses he’s got the all american worn down, so he picks him up for a scoop slam down to the mat, then backs him back into the corner for some gut punishment, locks on a head lock and forces him down to the mat, where he clamps on a tight camel clutch that has Travis’s back and neck arched to the max. Chris looks like he’s enjoying delivering the punishment, and it isn’t long before he has the muscle boy locked up in some serious pain, and Travis screaming out a second round submission. Chris gets up and celebrates his round two conquest by flexing over his bested opponent. Round three begins with Travis hunched over in his corner, still suffering in pain, and Chris taunting his fitness model opponent saying ‘so what’s up pretty boy, you need a break?’ Chris charges over to Travis, headlocks him, and hip tosses him down to the mat to show who’s taking charge in this round. Will Chris be able to tame the muscular Travis, or can Travis swing the momentum back his way and terminate the taller, leaner Chris. One thing’s for sure, both of these guys are dripping in sweat by the end of this match, and the winner subdues his opponent with a over the knee backbreaker that leaves him twitching in pain.

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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