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Austin Cooper vs Lucas Payne - HD
Austin Cooper vs Lucas Payne - HD

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Austin Cooper vs Lucas Payne

Now Re-mastered as a Hi Definition (HD) 1080p Instant Download video file to bring you stunning resolution and detail!

This match features two newcomers to the Rock Hard roster; Austin Cooper is a nicely built, well defined fitness model who also has extensive amateur wrestling experience and prides himself on his technical abilities in the ring, Lucas Payne is an award winning, nationally recognized teen bodybuilder who is massively built and packs a lot of pure muscle onto his young body. This match opens with Lucas in the ring practicing his award winning posing routine in front of the huge wall mirror, in preparation for the bodybuilding contests he plans on entering later this year. Austin, not to be outdone, jumps into the ring and starts posing his finely tuned physique right alongside Lucas, in sort of a bodybuilding competition pose down to see who had the best physique. Lucas, somewhat startled asks ‘what, are you just copying me?’, and Austin replies ‘bro, we all got muscles, it’s all about who looks better with them.’ These two, young muscle guys then challenge each other to who’s better in the ring, and this starts the action in round one. The slightly bigger Lucas locks up with the fitness model, catches him in a headlock, and then hip tosses him down to the mat and starts working him over with some stomps to the back. He then slips in a full nelson and starts cranking away on Austin’s neck. Lucas works Austin’s body over for the first few minutes of round one, using his pure muscle and raw power, throwing the tactician back into the corner turnbuckle, starts jabbing away at his midsection, and then places a drop kick to the abs that has Austin slumping in the corner. The teen bodybuilder throws Austin to the mat and covers him, going for a 1-2-3 pin count, but Austin is able to kick out and scoot behind Lucas, then locks on a chin lock of his own, and starts stretching the bigger muscle boy out. Austin then sets the bodybuilder up for a surfboard, which stretches his massive arms and shoulders to the max, with his veins nearly popping out of his skin. Austin continues his assault on Lucas, tossing him across the ring and into a leg drop that plants Lucas face first into the mat. Austin taunts Lucas, saying ‘get up’, but then kicks him back down to the mat saying, ‘stay down, I’m not going to let you get up’. It looks like Austin’s technique is going to win round one, until the teen bodybuilder is able to turn the momentum with a flying clothesline that plants the tactician flat on his backside. Lucas then goes to work pounding, stomping, and stretching away on Austin’s back setting him up to pick him up, and then drop him directly over his knee onto an over the knee backbreaker that has Austin screaming out ‘I quit, I quit’’ and the bigger, teen bodybuilder flexing over his sprawled out and defeated opponent, claiming victory in round one.

Round two opens with Austin still feeling the affects of that over the knee backbreaker, rubbing his back before coming out to center ring to lock up with Lucas. Lucas starts off this round the same way he started round one, with a side head lock on the tactician, and then hip tossing him down to the mat. He goes for a quick pin count, eager to secure his first win here at RHW, but the tactician isn’t going down that easy and kicks out of the hold. Lucas continues to dominate the slightly smaller Austin with his raw power and huge muscular frame, backing him into the corner turnbuckle and delivering several slaps to Austin’s defined chest. But Austin draws on his previous wrestling experience to turn the momentum in this round, backing the teen bodybuilder back into the opposite corner, and repays him with a couple slaps directly to Lucas’s massive chest, and then applies a double claw to his beefy pec muscles. This weakens the teen bodybuilder for a moment, and Austin seizes the opening to start kicking and pounding away on his award winning torso. Austin continues working over the teen bodybuilder’s perfect body making him suffer in a series of holds; including parading the bodybuilder around the ring in a crucifix, and straddling over him on the mat and bashing away at his huge chest muscles. This beating wears Lucas down, up until Austin locks on a full nelson and grapevines the legs, and starts stretching out his colossal torso to the point where Lucas is forced to give and submit in round two. Austin declares his triumph by proudly posing his muscles over the beaten bodybuilder. Round three opens with the tactician prancing around the ring, taunting Lucas by calling him ‘mister meathead’, and then quickly backing him into the corner turnbuckle and goes pack to pounding away at the bodybuilders ripped midsection. Can Austin ride his technical skills and his fine tuned physique to his first victory here at RHW, or will Lucas utilize his gigantic, well built body and brawn to force another submission out of his opponent? One of these guys gets his abs bashed throughout round three, leading up to an awesome ab stretch submission with the loser crying out ‘I’m done’, and the winner celebrating his opening victory with a most muscular pose over his conquered opponent.

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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