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Cody Nelson vs Max Powers - HD
Cody Nelson vs Max Powers - HD

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Cody Nelson vs Max Powers

Now Remastered for Release as an HD 1080p Instant Download!

Cody comes into this colossal showdown with some impressive recent wins that have given him more confidence and experience in the RHW ring. In this match up, he’s going up against Max, who has the muscle to match up against Cody but doesn’t have the same level of ring experience. Cody’s in his corner dressed in camouflage trunks and black boots, while Max is staring him down from the opposite corner dressed in grey trunks and black boots. Their gear sets the stage for this showdown as both wrestlers are seeking to claim victory in this battle of the titans. Round one opens with Cody in a cocky mood, taunting Max ‘you know what today is, today is trash day, and I’m going to be taking it out!’. These two muscle studs lock up in a test of strength to start the round, with Cody muscling Max to the mat and then stomping on his hands to set the tone for this round. He then attacks Max’s massive pecs pounding away and backing him back into the corner turnbuckle. Cody continues roughing up Max’s muscular torso with several knees to the abs, and then sets him up for a suplex that plants Max flat out on his back in the middle of the ring. Cody continues being the aggressor, showing Max he’s the boss for most of round one. Max makes a short comeback putting the muscle stud in a tight boston crab, but Cody proclaims ‘he’ll never give up’. Cody regains control and keeps pounding away at Max’s chest until his massive pecs have turned beet red. He then locks on a figure four leg lock that has the big guy crying out in pain, but refuses to give up. When that doesn’t get the submission, Cody picks him up, power slams him to the mat, and then locks on a camel clutch that Max has to submit to before Cody’s snaps his neck. Round one goes to the experienced, muscle stud Cody as he celebrates with flexing his massive biceps over the beaten Max.

In round two Cody goes back on the attack, and continues to pound those massive pecs on Max, adding a few chops to his chest for good measure. Cody seems intent on ending this match in two straight rounds, wanting to teach the big boy a wrestling lesson. Cody continues trash talking on Max asking him ‘how’s that feel, does it feel good?’ as he continues to dominate max and bash away at his well muscled torso. As both of these guys continue to battle it out in the ring, the sweat starts to drip off their perfectly sculpted bodies, highlighting every flexing muscle.Max is able to turn the tables on the muscle stud with a quick punch to the chest that floors Cody, and Max proclaims ‘its payback time’. Max lifts Cody by his ears to his feet, locks on a side lock, and then hip tosses him to the mat and starts working him over. The trash talking continues between these two warriors throughout the round and Max is determined to claim victory in this round. He whips Cody across the ring and delivers a clothesline, then backs him into the corner turnbuckle and delivers his own heavy pounding and stomping on Cody’s muscular torso. He locks on a boston crab trying to gain a submission from Cody, but Cody tells him to ‘piss off’. When that doesn’t work Max picks Cody up into two strength sapping bear hugs that ultimately sets Cody up for another excruciating boston crab, that has Max applying serious pain to the muscle stud’s back, and Cody finally has to submit round two to the powerhouse big guy Max. Max places his boot Cody’s chest and flashes a double bicep and bounces his massive pecs in defiance to the muscle stud Cody. This showdown is all evened up at one round a piece! Round three begins with Cody hunched over in pain in his corner, and Max walks across over to him, locks on a front face lock, and starts bashing away at Cody’s ribcage. Will Max have enough raw power and experience to bring down the reigning RHW muscle stud Cody, or can Cody turn the momentum and beat down the powerhouse Max into a submission that earns him another sweet victory? The loser gets power slammed several times before he’s laid out draped across the winner’s knee in an over the knee backbreaker bringing a sensational finish to this colossal showdown.

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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