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Jeff Hollister vs Tyler Reeves
Jeff Hollister vs Tyler Reeves

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Jeff Hollister vs Tyler Reeves

Tyler comes into this match having experienced some tough losses since joining Rock Hard. He’s been close to winning in all of his single matches, but has just come up short. His impressive, finely muscled physique and amateur athletic experience makes him a threat every time he steps into the ring. This time, he finds himself matched up against the much smaller and less experienced boy next door, Jeff Hollister. Jeff stands in his corner before the match sizing up the much bigger and more muscular Tyler, and you have to wonder what’s going through his mind? How’s he going to bring down Tyler, when Tyler is so hungry for his first singles victory? Round one opens with Tyler asking ‘what’s this, they send me a baby?’ to wrestle, mocking the blond haired boy. Tyler takes Jeff down to the mat, and immediately starts pounding and stomping away on his smaller opponent. He continues with aggression, pulling Jeff up by his hair, picking him up, and slamming him down to the mat. He locks on a single leg boston crab that has Jeff’s legs split wide open and applying enormous pressure to the small of his back. Tyler continues to mock the boy next door throughout the round, asking ‘how does it feel little baby?’ Jeff is able to mount an attack on Tyler’s muscular body by tossing him off, locking on a full nelson and grapevine around his legs, and then stretches Tyler’s perfect, fat free, muscled torso to the max that has him wincing in pain. But Tyler is able to regain control of the boy next door, and makes him pay the rest of the round. He punishes the blond haired boy for the rest of round one, setting him up for a backbreaking over the back reverse surfboard that has Tyler in unbearable pain and screaming out a first round submission. Tyler drops him to the mat, kneels down on Jeff’s back as he suffers in pain, flexes his huge bicep, and slaps his ass like a baby’s bottom to end round one.

Round two starts with Jeff standing in his corner, somewhat dazed and confused by the beating he just took. Tyler sensing a victory, isn’t about to let up on the attack, and goes right back to pounding and kicking Jeff’s nice looking, athletic body. As the sweat glistens off of Tyler’s perfect torso, he sets Jeff up for a leg split wishbone that has Jeff’s crotch stretched out on full display, and Tyler hammering away at his hamstrings. Jeff’s legs are throbbing with pain as he begs for mercy and screams out ‘no’. Tyler seems to be enjoying the beating he’s putting on the smaller Jeff, letting out all of his hostility from his previous lost matches. This looks like it’s going to be a total one sided squash in this round, that is until Jeff is able to duck under a clothesline attempt and secure a full nelson on the sweaty Tyler, and throws in a leg scissor that has Tyler on the defense. Jeff then straddles him on the mat and starts pounding away at Tyler’s sweaty six pack abs making the muscle boy suffer. This doesn’t last too long, as the bigger Tyler is able to toss the boy next door off of him, and then launches an attack on him that wears him down to the point he can barely stand on his own two feet. Tyler then lifts Jeff’s beaten body up, tosses him over his shoulders, and into a standing over the shoulder back breaker that has Jeff crying out in anguish and shouting out a submission. Jeff is glad the beating is finally over, and Tyler chalks up his first singles victory in a total squash job that should provide a lot more confidence for him in future matches. Watch out guys, Tyler’s looking to deliver more pain!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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