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Cody Nelson vs Chris Cox
Cody Nelson vs Chris Cox

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Cody Nelson vs Chris Cox
Chris enters the match clad in blue print square cut trunks and white boots, looking as good as ever with his lean, tight, rippling abs. The muscle stud Cody stands across the ring in black trunks and black boots, ready to rumble. Round one opens and Cody quickly goes on the attack with a few knees to Chris’s midsection, backs him up into the ropes and starts bashing away at his six pack abs. Cody flips the lean, muscular southern boy into a back breaking boston crab, and taunts ‘how’s that feel, huh?’ Cody continues beating up on Chris with a power slam to the mat, and then straddles him to start bashing away at his beautiful abs. Chris is able to escape from the beating, and surprises Cody with a knee to the midsection that has the muscle stud crumbling to the mat. Chris stays on the attack with several power elbow drops, and then locks on a full nelson that has Cody stretched out in pain and his muscular, cut body on full display. Chris backs the muscle stud back into the ropes, delivers an ab bashing, throws him across the ring and delivers a clothesline that has the bigger Cody flying flat to his back on the mat. The southern boy continues his beating on Cody, setting him up for a back breaking, single leg boston crab that has the muscle stud in a lot of pain and yelling out an ‘I give’ submission. The leaner muscle Chris stands up and proudly flexes over the fallen Cody finishing off a stunning round one.

In round two, Chris starts off by taunting Cody saying ‘not so tough now’, and Cody responding ‘you caught me on a bad day’. Sounds like Cody might not be up to the battle today, and could go down in two straight rounds to the leaner muscled southern boy! They lock up, and Chris takes the muscle stud down to the mat with a headlock and start torturing him on the mat. Chris picks him up, throws him into the corner turnbuckle, and starts working over the muscle stud’s midsection. Cody’s able to endure the beating and change the momentum in his favor with a swift kick delivered to Chris abs. Cody starts taking control of this round by continuing to pound and stomp away at Chris’s sweaty torso, until he’s so worn down he can’t even get up off the mat. Cody clamps on a tight camel clutch that has Chris stretched out in agony but refusing to submit. Cody then picks the southern boy up into a standing ab stretch, and start bashing away at his gut. Chris can’t take it any longer and finally submits to the pain. Cody drops him to the mat, and smugly poses a single bicep flex for all of his fans. The third and deciding round opens with Chris still feeling the affects of that awesome ab stretch, and Cody looking to finish him off quickly in this round. By this point, both wrestlers have sweat dripping from their muscular bodies as each of them delivers a pounding to their opponent, going all out to secure the victory. Can Chris pull off the upset, by continuing to use his superior ring experience and bring the muscle stud down in defeat? Or, will Cody’s raw muscle have Chris screaming out another submission? The action in this round all leads up to a fantastic, spine stretching finish that has the loser crying out in pain and submitting, while the winner flexes his muscles over his beaten opponent, asking ‘who’s the man now?’

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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