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Travis Storm vs Max Powers
Travis Storm vs Max Powers

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Travis Storm vs Max Powers
This match features the incredibly good looking, well muscled, all american Travis going up against the bigger powerhouse Max. Both of these guys are bursting onto the fitness model scene, and both of them also want to establish themselves as king of the ring here at Rock Hard. Travis went up against Cody Nelson in his debut match and ended up just barely losing to the muscle stud, while Max took on the smaller, boy next door type Jeff Hollister and was able to come away with a victory. Round one opens with Travis standing in his corner, in his tight, blue squarcuts and white boots, pumping up, flexing, and admiring his well sculpted muscles. Max is standing in the opposite corner wearing his gray squarecuts and black boots watching, and seemingly unimpressed. Max yells across the ring, ‘let’s see how strong those muscles really are, let’s arm wrestle’. Travis, never one to back down from a challenge, agrees to it, and the two muscle boys lie down in the center of the ring, lock up, and go at it in an arm wrestling showdown. The advantage goes back and forth for a while, until Max powers his way to cranking Travis’s arm and wrist flat to the mat. Max gets up, while Travis lays despondent on the mat, and delivers a cheap shot kick to the ribs of the all american. This gets Travis stirred up, and he gets up off the mat, charges across the ring, takes Max down to the mat, and starts working the bigger guy over. Max is able to escape, and whips Travis across the ring and goes back to delivering some heavy fists and stomps to the rib cage of the fitness model. Max continues to pound away at the muscle boy’s mid section, scoop slams him to the mat, trying to wear him down. Travis is able to turn the momentum his way late in the round with a test of strength that has Max crumbling to his back on the mat. Travis then picks him up, throws him across the ring into the corner turnbuckle, and as Max stumbles out of the corner, Travis charges into him with a spearing, double leg takedown. This takes Max by surprise, knocks the wind completely out of him, and Travis takes him straight to his back and counts out a 1-2-3 pin count to claim a victory in round one.

Round two opens with both of these guys continuing to trash talk on each other, and challenge their strength and stamina. Travis takes the early control in round two as he throws Max into the corner and starts bashing away at the big boys abs. As the sweat starts to glisten off of these finely sculpted bodies, Travis continues to pound away on Max’s muscled body. Max is able to regain control of this round with a test of strength hold, some ab bashing in the corner, and a scoop slam that has the all american Travis dazed in the center of the ring. Max locks on a camel clutch that nearly snaps the spine of Travis, lifting him up high and putting his sweat soaked torso on full display. Max then picks him up into a bearhug that has him screaming in pain, then slams him to the mat, picks him back up again, and drops him over his knee into an over the knee backbreaker that has Travis stretched to the max and screaming out ‘I give up’. The bigger powerhouse Max declares victory in round two as he proudly flexes over his beaten opponent. In the third and deciding round, Travis is hunched over in his corner still feeling the effects of that excruciating backbreaker, and the sweat is now pouring off of both of these pumped up muscle boys. Max is able to gain the early advantage over Travis with a takedown and an arm bar, but will his overall size and strength be able to submit Travis a second time? Or, will Travis draw from his previous amateur wrestling experience and use his perfectly muscled body to wear Max down and claim victory in this match? It all leads up to a back breaking finishing hold that has the victor flashing his huge biceps in celebration of his conquest. A finish that you just have to see!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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