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Max Powers vs Jeff Hollister
Max Powers vs Jeff Hollister

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Max Powers vs Jeff Hollister
In this feature match up, we have two new wrestlers making their debut in the RHW arena. Max is a towering, up-and-coming fitness model, with massive muscle who is starting to make his mark in the modeling industry. Jeff is your boy-next-door type, who has always been interested in mixing it up with the big boys in the wrestling ring. Both of these guys are newcomers to the world of wrestling, and both of them are out to prove their prowess in the ring. In round one, this classic big vs small match up begins with Max asking the little guy ‘you’re my opponent today?’ with a slight smile on his face, and Jeff taunting ‘yes, come get some’. Jeff surprises Max with a double leg takedown that drops the big muscle guy to the mat, he then picks him up and locks a standing full nelson that has Max stretched out and squirming to escape. Max is able to power out of the full nelson, and then whips Jeff across the ring delivering a standing clothesline that drops him flat to the mat. Jeff taunts Max asking ‘is that all you got?’, and he’s probably going to regret saying that later on. Max starts using his considerable size and muscle advantage to start beating on the little guy and wearing him down. He starts an all out assault on Jeff that includes; repeated ab bashing, stomps to the back, several scoop slams, and an over the back backbreaker that has Jeff ending up on the mat withering in pain. Max continues to throw the little guy around the ring like a rag doll, and continues to dominate in round one, as Jeff refuses to submit to the pain. As Max continues to beat on his smaller opponent, Jeff eventually can't withstand the pain any longer and after a power scoop slam, and several power elbow drops, Max flips Jeff over on the mat and counts a 1-2-3 pin count out that gives him the win in round one. Max, feeling proud of his accomplishment with the beat down of his opponent, flexes a huge double bicep pose over the fallen Jeff in the center of the ring.

Round two opens with Max proclaiming ‘this is it’ and starts bashing away at the boy-next-door’s midsection to soften him up. Max continues his dominance in the ring, and as he works up a good sweat that glistens off of his chiseled body, he stays on the attack pounding and stomping away at the blond haired opponent. Jeff has an incredible pain tolerance, and is able to find an opening to turn the momentum of this round, and he starts hammering away at the big guys abs, backing him up into the corner turnbuckle. He takes Max to the mat, and that’s where Jeff can equalize the considerable size difference. Jeff wraps his legs around Max’s muscled mid-section and starts squeezing away, sapping all the energy out of the big guy. After this, surprisingly Jeff starts to manhandle Max, and makes him suffer in a series of painful holds demanding a submission. Jeff drops of series of elbows on Max’s back, and then tightly wraps a leg scissors around Max’s abs and starts squeezing the crap out of him until Max is forced to cry out a submission, giving Jeff a stunning second round win! Jeff celebrates by getting up and slapping Max in the ass, flexing over him, and asking ‘now what do you got’? Round three starts with Jeff staying on the attack backing Max back into the corner turnbuckle, throwing a series of quick jabs to his abs, and then digging in with a claw hold to Max’s massive pecs. Will the smaller Jeff be able to sustain his assault on the heavily muscled body of Max? Or, will Max prevail using his size and muscle advantage to chalk up his first victory here at Rock Hard? An electrifying finish you don’t want to miss!

All Rock Hard Wrestling matches are shot using several HD high-definition cameras from multiple angles using professional lighting, sound, and music. You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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