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Alex Waters vs Bruce Ballard
Download Price $17.95
It's Team Strength vs Team Speed in a super hero battle between these four extraordinary physiques.... Muscles collide when cocky fratboy Alex challenges the total package bodybuilder Bruce...
Bruce Ballard vs Blake Keller
Download Price $17.95
Bodybuilder Bruce and his ripped muscles strives to chop down the tall titan Blake in a titanic tussle.... This match is like feeding twinkies to a pack of wolves as Dash & Bruce devour the two blond rookies Colt & Tyson...
Jake Jenkins vs Cliff Johnson
Download Price $17.95
Colt Stevens vs Gage Cardona
Download Price $17.95
Jake the machine is determined to hammer the model Cliff… Non-stop, high flying electrifying action from teen rookies Colt and Gage leads to an explosive encounter...
Jake Jenkins vs Matt Engel
Download Price $17.95
Cocky fratboy Alex seeks to settle the feud with big bodybuilder Dash in a best of five King of the Ring match... Jake returns to the ring to take on blond bombshell Matt, will he return with a bang or a whimper?
Jake Jenkins vs Lucas Payne
Download Price $17.95
Jake rips apart the massive, muscular teen bodybuilder Lucas.... Dream Team faces off against Green Team in non-stop exhilarating action which leads up to an extreme finish....
Austin Cooper vs Chad Daniels
Download Price $17.95
Sexy blond lifeguard Chad challenges burly red head Austin in a battle of muscle beach... Cocky fratboy Alex is demolished, destroyed and devoured by bad boy Ethan and rookie Gage in a 2 on 1 beating....
Bruce Ballard vs Austin Cooper
Download Price $17.95
Chad Daniels vs Blake Keller
Download Price $17.95
Upstart Bruce takes on veteran Austin with one of them left gasping for air in a never seen before finishing hold... It's no day at the beach when lifeguard Chad and his hot golden bod challenges the tall ripped titan Blake...
Ethan Andrews vs Colt Stevens
Download Price $17.95
Street punk Ethan breaks blond teen Colt with a kick ass knock out finish... Alpha male, bodybuilder Dash defends his King of the Ring title against bad boy Ethan in this 35 minute instant classic....
Alex Waters vs Tyson Matthews
Download Price $17.95
Cody Nelson vs Jeff Hollister
Download Price $17.95
Fratboy Alex teaches Tyson a lesson at the school of hard knocks.... The muscle stud Cody squashes the boy-next-door Jeff...
Ethan dominates the muscle stud, using his full arsenal of holds to inflict pure pain and punishment on Bruce... Jake and Josh exchange mind-blowing action as one of these superstars lays claim to King of the Ring....
Incredibly intense, non-stop sizzling wrestling action that showcases the hottest young wrestlers on the planet! You'll see every sweaty detail, and nearly feel the pain and agony from right there in the ring!
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